Unusual & FUN Mother's Day Gift

How many of us watched in delight as Usher skated across the stage in perfection at the Super Bowl? I think after that all of us wanted to hunt out old roller skates and perfect a little routine! Well what a fabulous idea to gift a gorgeous pair of skates this Mother’s Day?


It’s a superb sport to take up whether you’re looking to get in shape or just want to re-enact your own fun routine in your back garden! It’s an incredible workout which is not only fun, tackles some incredible muscles from calf’s to core but it’s got a great mental benefit as well! It releases those endorphins that make you happy and ward of anxiety and depression! It really does reduce your stress levels and also gives your cardio the same work out as a HIIT.

Quite frankly though it’s fun! And a great thing to do with your kids! My teens even took me out with them for the afternoon while their mates all showed off theirs and tried to teach me new tricks! They took pity on me in the end and bought me an ice cream and let me watch! What an absolutely fabulous afternoon that I can’t wait to do again!


The roller skates I’ve got came from Rio Rollers and they are just the funkiest, grown up, playful and comfy pair I’ve come across! You can get these in a huge range of pastel shades, they’re vegan friendly and the superb wheels work on both indoor and outdoor surfaces! They look fun and comfortable and high quality – nicely padded too!


Mine came from Skates and would make any mum an awesome Mothers Days gift with a wide budget and if you fancy your skills they also do Inline Skates which we saw tooooonnnnsss of grown-ups using in France – especially in the ski resorts as fitness, dog walking fun and just playing around! I’m definitely taking mine with me this summer! Hopefully I can convince the kids to teach me how to go backwards by then too….


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