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Make your own Fresh Pasta!

  I love pasta! And who doesn’t have a bag in their cupboard ready to throw in the saucepan for a quick dinner? But I do also love fresh pasta. I don’t really think there’s anything to beat it! Its also great fun! We haven’t had a pasta maker in a long time as our kitchens slowly been renovated and demanding lifestyle meant no fun Saturday afternoons to make pasta however life has slowed down recently and our kitchens almost completely, so I jumped at the chance of reviewing Worlds of Flavour by KitchenCraft pasta machine. If nothing else the shot of gorgeous sunshine colour in kitchen can’t but help make you smiles. As I said pasta making is great fun! Whether you just want spaghetti, tagliatelle or home-made ravioli this machine copes with them all. It’s a great little multitasker for pasta and comes with 9 thickness settings so you can also make noodles and flat bread. It also rolls fondant icing and clay! I was slightly wary of the some of the reviews online but having played w

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