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How to stay safe online

  Staying safe online is something everyone should be consciously doing at all times. Cybercrime is rife, and more people than ever are falling victim to scams and online identity theft than ever before. This type of theft can cause massive damage to your finances, your reputation, and your life in general. Knowing how to post common online scams and frauds can help to keep you safe, but what if you want to go one step further? How can you protect yourself in a digital world and ensure you are safe and your details are secured at all times? Update You need to be updating software regularly to help avoid cybercriminals exploiting holes or weak defenses. Neglecting to update when fixes are rolled out for both your computer and tablet devices and any programs and software you use can leave you at risk of your defenses being breached via that particular point. For example, suppose you have a WordPress website or blog, and you don't update to the newest version of WordPress to fix sec

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