Our review of Fuliit Light Up Safety Backpack


Earlier this summer we were sent the Futliit back pack  which is designed for both kids & adults to review. Due to the price of £79.99 being higher than our normal rucksacks we’ve taken a while to put it through its paces and to see if it lives up the reviews online.


A rucksack in our house hold has to live up to some pretty hard life. Ours not only doing the daily college demands but also have to cover being used as a laptop bag, a day bag, a flight bag and a dog walking bag. Its very few bag that can meet these high demands! The Fuliit Backpack is designed with both durability and fashion together. It’s made from high-quality materials to withstand a demanding days use.


We found that for college the compartments are of a great size and can happily take the folders, textbooks and revisions books that are needed and can squeeze in at a push the pe kit! My husband found that as a laptop bag it has a great laptop sleeve which is 15” and is fully padded in case of any knocks – ours went on as a flight bag for an office meeting which a spare shirt, tie and various other bits included inside.


As a day bag we found that the extra padding on the shoulder straps and back panel make a much comfortable day with it filled in both the heat and rain (it survived being splashed, a quick rain storm and a heat wave!)

On the fashion side Futliit has incorporated the most important of this bag with a ton of discreet but cool safety features. We live in the middle of nowhere – from the bus stop for college there are no streetlights and unfortunately we do occasionally have fast drivers speeding through which in dark school uniform and college wear means you blend in the damp hedgerows that border the roads!

My husband if walking back from the station or taking the dogs for a late-night walk also suffers the same problems. Suits and dog walk jackets are not high vis! So the fabulous accents allow the backpack to light up in low light and dark conditions. And reflect out at a good height.

Secondly around the zipped pockets of the bag are a superb lighting system! These are incredibly bright LED lights which can be set to different modes (highly important if you’re at college and trying to be cool!) The flashing and strobing are a huge feature drawing instant attention to the person even in wind and rain in the dark.

Not just practical to draw attention to drivers it’s also a lot of fun! As I said for college students this matters! You can go easily from pulsing to flashing or to just plain static in a switch at the bottom at the shoulder straps. It’s so easy to change between the lights and to turn them off as well if needed! We’ve had to change the batteries in ours – I suspect the postman got curious! And its simple, quick and easy to change which means the bag doesn’t need replacing if the lights gets left on!


So would we recommend the Fuliit backpack? Well while the price might at first cause you to think twice this bag covers so much in a discreet grey bag that they should be flying off the shelves. As Autumn and winter and spring comes with darkened mornings and low light evenings this is a superb way to keep your precious ones safe whether in the dark countryside or exploring round town! It’s also pretty comfortable even when full! 


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