Wild About Autumn

Wild about Autumn. At this time of year so many of us want to pull the curtains, light the fire and hibernate until spring but if you do this you are missing out on so very much! Now is an amazing time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors! So much so that this year at half term we decided to spend every day at the beach in our half term regardless of weather! We had the full spectrum from sunshine heatwave to full on gales and what can only be described as a mini typhoon. So we decided to embrace our inner Famous Five and headed out to explore...

The Ship Wreck discovered before the HUGE storm!

We wondered what it carried - 30ft long at least from fore to aft!

The Greatest Artwork Starts with a small stone

And becomes something amazing!
A hot chocolate and cake later the sun comes out!

Finding Treasure After the Storm - and releasing it back to the wild!

Exploring in Rock Pools
 Was one day better than the other? Definitely not!There is no such thing as bad weather but bad clothing and this holiday we went were in it all though mainly in wellies and waterproofs I have to say. That being said we explored ship wrecks and the boys decided to play being washed up on a new coast line and the boat destroyed. Time to harvest dinner from what we could find! We built dams – endless dams, and diverted the sea, we made pictures in the rocks from other rocks, played games of being smugglers and daring rescues of worlds about to be destroyed or new lands conquered.

Collecting Stones.....

For Mighty Dams!!

I think our favourite find was the discovery after a particularly stormy day of the shipwreck. The rest of the weeks play was inspired at different beaches and coves in being new settlers on lands or discovering plots among wreckers and smugglers and hunting out their caves and secrets!

Discovering New Lands
Big Caves.......
To Little Caves
Friends were added in these games and it was truly lovely to see imagination and games running all day and in all the weathers with no real adult interruption or leading. To see teenagers throw down electronics to put on wellies and rain coats does anyone good!

After the storm the beach is stunning...but full of litter so the boys started cleaning!

This post is written for the ‘Wild about Autumn Blogger Challenge' created by AliKats Mountain Holidays and judged by Going Wild authors Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield with the aim of inspiring families to reconnect with their own wild side and get outdoors this autumn.


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