Introducing the Cricut Maker

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

My quest to organise and personalise our home has taken a huge leap recently because the lovely people at Cricut have sent me their latest machine to review! The new Cricut Maker!

I’ve been a huge fan of Cricut for years now since I discovered the Cricut (pronounced cricket) mini 5 years ago! Between that and the Cricut Explore I haven't bought a card and have created none stop beautiful projects from summery flowery wreaths to creating 20 personalised t-shirts for my schools PTA group and summer fayre!

Whats the difference?

So with having these two on my desk and being moved almost weekly up to my mums and back again what can the all new Cricut Maker do that my older Cricut cant…Well the main one for us is the fact that this wonderful model can cut fabric! My mum is a huge patchwork maker and leap up in shouts of delight when she discovered this. Although difficult pieces which are so hand to cut cleanly can now be cut by machine. My excitement comes in that this can also cut leather!! Oh my goodness I cannot wait to start on this! The most gorgeous earrings and jewellery can be created by this – I’ll will show how to jazz up your outfit in seconds in a post next month with Cricut! The storage whole on the side has two different depths so no hunting around at the bottom of the hole for blades or pen lids.


The machine design I have to say puts everything else in my craft room to shame. The beautiful brushed rose gold lid is really just a glorious shout out to its luxury. The whole finish to the machine top quality, the lines are sleek and smooth and the slow touch open and close. The tools that are included and the extras are also of not to be found on the high street quality. I rather ashamedly am very precious with my older Cricut tools and use them in my clothes sewing! That storage I mentioned on the side? The bottom of each of those holders has a soft base so you don’t damage or blunt your tools.

What can it cut

So most importantly what can be cut with the new Cricut Maker?
  1. Cardstock
  2. Fabric 
  3. Art board
  4. Felt – yes! Felt flower accessories here I come!
  5. Foil & Metal – even my dad got excited by this one.
  6. Foam
  7. Iron On
  8. Leather 
  9. Plastic
  10. Vinyl
  11. Wood – yes really!

Another handy thing I noticed on the new machine was that the Smart Dial was no longer to select the material. Instead this is all chosen in the Cricut Design App to ensure less errors! The caught my interest hugely – why? Well the machine comes with over 240 material settings. That left me more than a little stunned but glancing through this I noticed that the machine will not only cut balsa wood (there's a design to make simple aeroplanes) but also silk gauze, which my scissors have caught and shredded countless times. I just have to assure you here that the 3 blades are used across these materials and watching them cut is like poetry in motion – the blade cut the silk like a hot knife through butter and it didn’t catch! So if you’re anything like us and leave homework projects to the last minute this is ideal for creating masterpieces out of even Cereal boxes – yup there's a preset for that! However if its 11 o clock and  you’re desperate for bed the wonderful fail safe automatic preset cut works wonders on most of these!

Latest Technology

This new machine is also a thinking a machine! While you can use your normal computer and the Cricut Design space from that you can also use your phone or device to cut through the Cricut design space app! As you can see your device sits in nicely on the special groove and it also lets your scroll through ideas from the comfort or your phone (or bed) without having to power up your computer. 

The Cricut Maker as I mentioned before has a huge ability for different tools. Some come as standard with the machine but there's added extras out there which offer up endless ideas and creations. There is a variety of different pens, embossing tools and different blades one of which is their new Rotary blade for the softer flexible fabrics on their new list like silk, denim, cotton and canvas.


With all of this you can imagine my excitement about what can be done around the house. With the Cricut Maker I can tackle the most amazing projects, just look at my Pinterest for some ideas but they range from Home Décor, Sewing Patterns, Quilting, Fashion, Jewelley, Kids Crafts, Party supplies & decorations, Handmade bespoke cards and invitations and notes, Organisation and well I should leave you a little to find out yourself.

Included with your cricut maker is a selection of materials to make your very first project to help your get over those new machine nerves but also they include 50 Free Projects. Theres something in this range for everyone! Just download the Cricut Design Space and start searching! I’ve rather fallen in love with their Martha Stewart collaborations.

My final thoughts

I just love Cricut and this machine has really just sent my ideas totally crazy. The big thing for me and my household is the new rotary blade and the washable pen. This does the painful boring work which has stopped many sewing and quilting projects from me and reopened up a whole new world of crafting again. My mum is planning on taking it to her quilting club as the machine is so easy to use and turns out such high quality pieces each time it’s a dream for all creators as any level! From the very first basics and stepping out in the crafting world to the hardened crafters who like my mum have been creating cards and clothing and accessories for over 40 years!

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