Cricut Explore - Wowee!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Today the Cricut Explore launched in the UK. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited up to London to meet up with the Cricut team, some of their America lovely bloggers and some lovely bloggers and crafty folks from the UK.
It was fabulous to see the passion that Cricut (pronounced Cricket not Cry Cut!) have for their product and the amount of research that they have put into their latest machine! Its been nearly two years in research and designing to make this Explorer their most perfect product yet.

Just a few examples of what you can do!
Amazingly functional the Cricut Explore cuts through 50 different types of material – wood & even leather!
Beautiful! Our Cricut Explore sits in our kitchen and no one has a yet figured out first time what it is. We’ve had some interesting suggestions though and whenever we reveal the answer nearly every thought it was designed by Apple!
And boy is the Explore a long long way from the original cutters and their scrapbooking! I cannot  think of something you cant use the Explore for and I have been banned from stating as we walk round the shops “the Cricut Explore could do THAT!” From applique cushions to flower fairy lights to leather wallets and even architecture designs this is incredible! Not only are you “tied” to their tens of thousands of images in their library you can now upload your own images! You can begin to glimpse now just how much fun this is going to be, cant you?! Oh and I almost forgot and this to me is just incredible as well but it writes for you!! Seriously choose your pen, your handwriting style and those 100 cards you need to write…sorted!
They’ve worked down not only from the actual Cricut Explore machine and what it can do but down to the pricing of their images ( a variety of options to suit YOU – after all we are all different) And unlike the Cricut Mini you no longer have to fiddle around with depth and blades it has a simple dial! But you can go and set it as well if you like. Truly the new Cricut Explore is fool proof (as their CEO (a non skilled crafty person agrees) quiet and beautiful, the possibilities are endless I think!

For the fact that it is miles better than the Cricut mini (which I still love) the price tag is higher – retailing at £249.99 but you can do so so much more on here (I will admit I went through the home and children’s design pages of a well-known beautiful designer company and realised I could create 99% with my Cricut Explore thus saving my husband’s thousands in redecorating!) It also cuts through so many different kinds of material I can use it in so many more ways and the cut is soooo precise as well I can take on crafts I didn’t have the hand steadiness for!

Disclaimer : I am being given a Cricut Explore to create and design and try out! I am smitten though already!

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