Scooters & their tricks

Yesterday I visited my youngest pantomime at school when I left I slipped out the gates past the bike store. Amazingly there wasn’t a single bike in it but it was full. With scooters! From the micro style my boys have to larger one for the bigger kids. I commented on it to a teacher who was with me at the time who smiled and pointed out there were great for all the different kids. From learning balance and motor skills with the youngest to the oldest in the school flipping them and racing them and their tricks….

Tricks? That’s right after school she showed me the tricks that the bigger kids did round the bank. We used to have a skateboard rank when I was a kid near the local school but these kids just had a large playground to play on and were doing some amazing combinations! I have to say our head mistress is pretty strict and if they take part they have to wear helmets so if you’re planning on teaching your littles ones some of these tricks – pop that helmet on first!

They had a radio and where coming up to the some fabulous combinations to the music and it was really amazing. It looked a million times more difficult than skating and flips but they assured me they were incredibly easy to learn and pick up. They recommend I looked up the Wiki page for the easy scooter tricks and took it from there. I have to say I was always slightly dubious of them (no brakes!) buy I’m rather tempted to try secretly in our garden while the kids are at school! How about you? Does your school encourage them and their tricks? 

Which fish should we get?

We won a fish tank about a year ago and it’s been sitting empty in the study until we can decide where to put in in our house. Every time we go to a pet shop for dog food though the boys rush over to the fish to decide which ones we’re going to get! No boring goldfish for them! Ones after jelly fish while the other would like a more serene coral reef. I suspect however we’ll probably aim for a tropical or saltwater tank. What I didn’t realise and have picked up over a year at fish tank gazing is how great fish are as pets! Fair enough they’re probably a bit pointless if you want to take them for a walk but did you know:

*        They’re great for lowering blood pressure. Watching fish serenely swim around the tank and glide past actually lowers your stress levels.

*        You DON’T have to take them for a walk daily, nor empty their litter trays, nor will they chew your new shoes or the kid’s homework (yes Daisy has eaten the homework more than once!)

*        They are beautiful. You can get fish tanks starting at just over £22. Each ones makes a stylish or fun addition to your home.

*        They come in every shape or size. From tiny to huge they come in every colour of the rainbow.

*        Some can actually be trained to do tricks for their owners.

In fact they sound like they could be a great deal of fun for all of us. The kids should some responsibility with feeding them and they are easier for the boys to maintain on their own whereas daisy requires a little more than they can cope with just yet.  I suspect that after Christmas the tank will be popped up in the lounge and provide a rather lovely addition. Does anyone else have one and can offer advice about which fish?