So this month we have great fun on board games with Asmodee thanks to Taco Goats Cheese Pizza! This is so much fun to play especially when you don’t have time to sit down for a full-on board game. This is pretty much a fun and hilarious upgraded game of snap!

There are 64 cards in the pack which are shuffled and then given out to the players at the start of the game. 12 cards to each player. All the cards have to remain facedown even to the players they’ve been dealt out too. The play goes round in the circle and players have two jobs on their turn. Firstly, you need to keep repeating to yourself – TACO, CAT, GOAT, CHEESE, PIZZA.

This month for our Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club we have got Time’s Up! party game.

When we were visiting in the Netherlands and some of the Scandinavian countries we were delighted to see everywhere that people were cycling! To the shops, down the main roads, to school and to work! What we loved most about it were the sheer amount of people who were riding tricycles.

The one thing I love about Christmas is seeing all the National Trust houses decked and decorated to celebrate Christmas in times gone by. Obviously, this year things have a been a little different but the National Trust are still determined to help us celebrate!

From decorated houses like Polesdon Lacey, Standen and Nymans to the huge range of National Trust places who are running a Peter Rabbit™ winter adventure activity trail around their grounds and gardens.

I’m a huge planner fan, between running a busy household I also home educate my youngest so there is always something going on and notes needed. The problem is to get everything I want in a yearlong planner means hefting around a huge planner. So I rather fell in love with Kirsten May Baynes range of Seasonal planners – The Seasonal Planner.

The Seasonal Planer crosses off everything I want in a planner. Its like toting around your own personal PA.

This months Blogger Board Game has been one the eldest has been after for well over a year! Apparently it’s the gold star prize among board games. The game is of course Catan. It used to be the settlers of Catan but hey the shortened name is much easier!

Catan is a superb but challenging strategy where you play in the role of a settler who has reached the previously uncharted island along with other settlers.

Our latest board game from the Asmondee Bloggers Board Game is Splendor. Splendor is a strategy board game. As a rich merchant of the Renaissance your aim it to buy gem mines, means of transportation and shops. The better the empire you build, the more glory and prestige you earn!

The game is designed for over 10years old and for 2 to 4 players.

One of the things I have missed most recently with lockdown is the ability to just head off to the National Trust and dive into one of their houses and parks and roam around at the drop of a hat. I am so over the moon that they are reopening up their houses too. I love Autumn with the National Trust, they have the most stunning woods and gardens to explore as well.

It’s incredibly important for kids and families to get plenty of fresh air on a regular basis to benefit both mental and physical health. While its easier and more tempting to spend time outdoors in the spring and summer months, its still essential to get out the house with the family when it gets colder too.

By spending time outside come rain or shine, your kids will understand the benefit of fresh air and won’t simply associate the outdoors with summertime.

As part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game club this month we received one of their newest games to review “The Picture Show” – the shadow charade game. Aimed at players over the age of 7 years and for up to 8 players.

The game looks pretty fun and easy but the main issue we found was the set up and dissemble. The first time does take a little longer to start as all the “shadows” or pictures need popping out. Also, it needs 3xAAA batteries which aren’t included.