Wistful Wantings - What's yours?

Over here Claire has been chatting about her Wistful Wantings and it struck a chord with me. After all we day dream a little over something. Perhaps we know its not the right time to buy it or it wouldn’t fit in with our life but somehow wouldn’t it be lovely to have….

Any how my little day dreams all seem to revolve around somewhere in the country…

Preferably, of course, my dream home is a converted barn up on the hillside with no neighbours in sight and a lot of land surrounding it. In the kitchen a lovely hot AGA with the dogs curled up in front and bread and cake baking inside….
From the Vintage Farmhouse

Then we have the Chickens. Wistful or not I have wanted chickens for a long time and hopefully the boys (and man) in this household will give in and let me have them. But until that day arrives I wistfully picture them pottering (do chickens potter?) around the garden eating all the horrible slugs!

Last but not least – Autumn. Blame it on the heatwave we’ve been having this week or the fact that you can go for a walk without feeling like you’re going to keel over after 5 steps. That and mulled apple juice, marshmallows toasting on a fire, you get the picture?

Why not head over and see what else people have been thinking out about this week? 

Summer menu - Pizza Express. #glutenfree too!

One of the things I greatly missed when I became a coeliac was pizza. More specific in fact is Pizza Express where I would save up when a student to grace their restaurants once a month or more when I worked. In fact I had my first date with my husband at a particular beautiful one (have you ever noticed A LOT of them are well designed inside grade 2 buildings?) However recently and rather wonderfully they now will cover most of their menu with a gluten free option, from risotto to pizza to brownies all of their options are gluten-free accredited NGCI, the Coeliac UK society having worked with them for years. I can now head out to town with options for dinner. I love the fact that the menu clearly states alongside all their starters and other mains and desserts which are GF and that 90% of their pizzas can be made GF!
They very kindly asked if I would like to review their latest menu – the summer range and obviously I jumped at the chance!

Their summer menu is set to delight you from mouth-watering cocktails to incredibly sumptuous salads – chicken, goats cheese, blueberries & mint are a huge part through to delicious pizzas of course and boy the desserts!!!

I dragged one of my friends along to the rather gorgeous pizza express at Arundel which if you take your children is incredibly children friendly – check out Pizza Express kids menu here – wonderful place to pop into over the hols. We decide to brave the “Hugo” cocktail which is Prosecco with elderflower and mint and is by far my favourite drink now for summer. I even headed straight to the supermarkets afterwards to make up my own!

Since if you haven’t noticed we’re having a mini heatwave I started off with a perfect mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto salad followed by I think the best gluten free pizza base I’ve had. I have needless to say tried a lot of these and the friend I took with me doesn’t eat GF and couldn’t taste the difference.  Melt in the mouth perfection, Pizza express I must say!

Of course I couldn’t possibly leave without dessert and I dove straight into their Strawberry & Cream Glory. It left me speechless and reminded me of desserts my Nan use to give me – Ice cream coated in cream with frozen chunks of cream at the bottom, OH MY GOODNESS HEAVEN!!! And being completely into the research I ensure my friend had a different dessert of the chocolate brownie! Divine as well.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, the food was as I always remembered diverse toppings and offerings, wonderful flavours & combinations, and cooked to perfection (I’m incredibly fussy!) The staff, as with all Pizza Express restaurants, were fun, courteous and polite, and nothing was too much trouble.  All in all a perfect 10 out of 10 for food, atmosphere, service & hygiene. Back to being one of my favourite places to dine. Thank you – now if you could start putting the gluten free pizzas in to the shops I’d be grateful!!