From 5 mins & free to an afternoon of fun!

We’re now half way through to half term and while they’re promising a late heatwave you can guarantee with the early evenings coming we’ll have plenty of time to amuse the children inside. With Christmas coming up after that as well we’ll all be keeping an eye on the bank balance. So just how can you amuse the children over half term without spending a huge amount? Well Betta Living put together a Kids in the Kitchen Guide with a ton of different activities to keep your children amused starting from under £1!

All of the activities will stimulate your child’s imagination from 5 minute boredom busters through to all afternoon rainy day projects. Here’s a list of ideas and for a breakdown head over to their blog to see the ideas in detail.
Surprisingly enough, one of the task I thought would be a five minutes while I rustle something else up took them nearly the whole afternoon. Building with marshmallows and cocktail sticks. Originally they were trying to beat each other to make a tall tower then they decided well why not see what else we can make and ended up making wigwams and houses for their lego people.  We ended up having to change our afternoon plans because they were having so much fun.

They boys also adored making some little cupcakes and trying out different styles with the blue icing. The only unfortunate thing about this was that we weren’t allowed to eat them until they were a bit solid! I was quite impressed by their flower they did for me!

Unfortunately I was laughing too much at their science experiments with the vinegar and bicarb of soda but they were amazed by this and it led on to a little science experiment afternoon with us also trying to make a rocket out of mints and a cheap bottle of lemonade.

The ones the boys loved were mainly free to:

1, Creating a junk model.
2, Make your own buntintg – we made this out of old lego mags.
3, Playing the memory game.
4, Playing dress up and put on a play – theres loads of inspiration if you just google!
5, Homemade ice lollies – a word of warning – wiggly worms sweets can break teeth if frozen.

In need of sleep?

Did you know less than 44% of us are actually get out 7hrs sleep? It might have worked for Margaret Thatcher but quite frankly I struggle to run a household on that let along a kingdom! I wonder how many of us have trouble sleeping at night. It’s been 8 years since I’ve managed to sleep through the night and not wake. I don’t think insomnia is to blame but more two little gorgeous but troublesome boys.

Feather & Black – they of the divine beds and 12 years’ experience of getting us off to sleep, have been doing some research on this and their sleep experts have created a free little ebook to help us out. Covering the most common topics of bedtime routines, how to get those ever important optimal sleep hours and how to soothe the body & mind and create the right environment to drift off.

Not only packed with useful tips it also has some fun little facts like the people who sleep the least & wake up the earliest are from the south east (maybe this explains my problem!)While the tossing and turning of restless partners is keeping Yorkshire apart from happy slumbers. The sheer diversity of what actually keeps us awake is why Feather & Black point out there is no “one size fits all” in how to get to sleep.

If like me you might be kept awake by youngsters alongside this helpful book they also have on their own blog A Real Parents Sleep Guide which you can head over and share your tips or troubles and browse others advice.

With 13% of us being prevented from falling asleep because we’re lying here thinking of ways to get to sleep I think this nifty little book is a definite bonus is the aid to drifting off. If you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’ll have used these tips and be nicely in slumbers away from my phone & emails!