Cordless DIY

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be sent the Ryobi Compound Mitre Saw to review. A fabulous piece of technology the Ryobi Mitre Saw works without the need for cables!

Allows you perfect angles every time! No bodge jobs!
 It is one of only a small number of cordless mitre saws on the market and having been sent to a review one previously only a margin cheaper it is one of the best around. It is part of the Ryobi ONE+ family of tools which allows you to use one battery among a range of different tools. Therefore you can use one of your previous tools batteries to power this machine. A fabulous way to save money you spend on other DIY around the home! On a fully charged battery you can cut up to 69 cuts! 

It also features a laser guide for repeat and accurate cutting. The only issue we had with the laser is that my husband enjoyed working outdoors on the grass (the joys of no cords!) and couldn’t see the laser of course in the bright sun! However the minute you took it inside it shone out and was great to use.

See no cords! And very light to carry too.
What has impressed us the most though is the cutting! When you buy Ryobi you know you’re buying a great name and a wonderful brand but even so we adored the cut it gave. Unlike some other saws there was no vibration and you didn’t have to fight the saw and could concentrate on the project in hand rather than trying to control it. The cut was as professional as I have seen among any wood layers.

Isn't that cut beautiful? 
The Ryobi Mitre Saw is fabulous in the set up. It really is a case of pick it up and cut. We haven’t once had a bad cut,  we think due to the blade, the laser technology and the measured base plate. It is more to be used for smaller projects and of course is designed perfectly for skirting boards and cutting wood flooring. It can really only handle a depth of 1” but we have a project coming up which shows just how useful it is to make projects around the house. Perfect for creating designer bookshelves, wine storage, bespoke tables and other useful objects around the house. Mainly down to its wonderful angle cutting. 
And of course being cordless you can take it from room to room!

A fabulous powerful and robust tool is makes a perfect edition to any bodies power tools range! Stay tuned to see one of our projects we ran up on it! 

Review: A Meditation on Murder - Robert Thorogood

I’ve been enjoying a fabulous book this month sent to me by Mumsnet bloggers. Robot Thorogoods A Meditation On Murder. I’m a huge fan of BBC’s Death in Paradise and love indulging in the crimes of a tiny island in the Caribbean.  This book is written by the creator of the TV show and is based on the further adventures of DI Richard Poole (if he hadn’t been killed off)
This is a brand new story and is the case of a locked room! 5 suspects 1 body and a confessor immediately to the murder! Of course our clever detective knows that there’s something missing and the facts all add up a little too perfectly.

I did wonder if I would like the book as I adore the programme and it can happen that the books written after are a huge let down but goodness me! Not true here!! Robert Thorogood loves his characters and knows them better than anyone and it shines through in his writing. I picked this up to fill a spare half hour and that was it. It wasn’t put down again till I had almost finished and the kids were demanding food!

Its written much better than current crime books with no need to dwell on gory images or have any violence. It was, as the show is, a little piece of cosy crime in paradise, its fast paced and has you guessing till the end. A perfect way to spend a couple of hours I would recommend this (and have done) whole heartedly for some light enjoyable reading.

If you aren’t a fan of the tv show or have never watched it the book still makes a perfect stand alone read! 5 out of 5 stars and please can we have some more?

Visit Dubai & 5 min Hummus

Last week a friend of mine who moved out to Dubai came back home to visit. She has of course come back full of how wonderful it is and how gorgeous the weather. I think the shops sound amazing! It sounds a dream destination. She did happily inform me to book up now for October as its misses the insane heat and quite frankly who wouldn’t love a last splash of hot sun before winter really kicks in here?

From a simple fishing village it sure has built an amazing city around its tourist industry. Underwater hotels, manmade islands and I’m sure recently I saw a post about a spinning buildings! Obviously we’ve touched on the shopping malls (apparently a couple of lines isn’t enough and they need a post on their own, stayed tuned!) It is well known for being the worlds tallest building and is of course the one thing which sums up Dubai, it is Burj Al Arabs the amazing 7 star hotel. Gold leaf was applied as an undercoat to the building! If you’re desperate to visit and the thought of staying sends you into a cold sweat then the way to get inside is to book up at one of its restaurant’s! Costly but apparently worth it for seeing the inside of the building!

Aside from the buildings, the shops, the gold souk and of course the beach you can spend your time with a desert safari, head off in a 4x4, sand board down the dunes and of course ride a camel, visit the snow park or more relaxing have a balloon flight! However of course the one thing you  must do? Try out the food! My friend manage to whisk up rather quick for lunch.

A twist on Hummus.

Ours went to quickly to photograph but it taste
gorgeous with a touch of paprika on top too!
Small tin of cooked chickpeas or 25g soaked overnight,
Juice of 2 lemons.
3Tbs Tahina (Sesame Seeds)
2 Garlic cloves crushed.
Topped with 1 tbs Olive oil.

Either use the precooked chickpeas or cook in water until tender (keep the cooking water) Blend the chickpeas in a food processor with the lemon juice, tahini, garlic cloves and either the water from the can or a enough of the cooking water to make a paste.
Serve with a dribble of olive oil over the top and warm, toasted or grilled pitta bread.

Dubai has so much to offer and is the perfect destination to visit for a short break or long vacation. Head over to and book up for a visit as an escape from our damp and dismal winter!