Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas suddenly seems to be everywhere. As you glance at the halloween sweets you look to the opposite side and theres christmas chocolates. The magazines are full of how to cook the perfect dinner! I have some lovely people in my family which sterotypically dont match the magazines ideas of what they should be interested in. The men in the family dont like sports, the girls arent obsessed by perfume! So heres my take for christmas on what I might actually choose to give this year. Let me know your suggestions too!

Bonfire Nights & keeping your pets safe.

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

No matter whether you love it or loathe it Firework night is due and already people have started letting them off in the evening and having bonfires. Which means you need to look after your pets. But how can you minimise their stress?

    *        Well first off all no matter how much we protect the they can get scared so do do do make sure your pets details are up to date and they have a collar with a contact number on!

    *        Shut all your doors & windows (its cold you have a good excuse!) and pull the curtains. This blocks out some of the noise and flashing lights which can upset some pets.

    *        Keep calm & happy. Your pets will sense if you’re up tight and nervous and react to it.

    *        Feed your dog before they start! Some dogs might become too stressed to eat during the events and being hungry and stressed is  bad combination!

*        Give your dog a long walk during the day before hand. Especially on the 5th and if you know of any big events planned.

*        Create a den. We’ve been sent the lovely warm self heating pad from Ancol to review and Daisy adores it. She snuggles down on and it reflects back her heat and calms her down. Create it now and feed your pet some treats in there so it becomes a happy place in the run up to events.

*        Play music or have the tv or radio on in the background. Preferably something you would normally have to help minimise the noises outside.

*        And of course if you’re having your own bonfire night, keep them tucked up inside and trying going for the gorgeous visual displays with less bangs!