JD Williams - Review

According to Grazia, Vogue and LFW one of the leading trends for Spring/Summer 2015 is the 70’s. Vintage is on its way back in. Perhaps not the worse of “vintage” but the fun colours and femine shapes are hitting us big time. With Chanel offering up a modern twists on the psychedelic prints with offering it to us in watercolour shades.

1970's style

But where do you start without digging out your parent’s old wardrobe from the loft? Well JD Williams is an amazing place to start. I headed over and chose to try out a gorgeous Joe Browns 1970’s style tunic. While very much following the 70’s fashion trend it has a fabulous modern twist and details and looks amazing either with some shorts and sandals or in the twist this autumn has taken with some jeans and boots.  I’m over the moon tunics are back. Far more flattering for anyone over a size 8 then a waist length top (which as well if you’re tall on top of curvy is not the best look) it offers a lovely elegant shape and makes your legs look endless.


But of course if you’re heading out for a night out or just a fun evening why not show off your curves? The 1950’s large skirts and more fitted tops are incredibly flattering and everywhere at the moment. Release your inner vintage and team up with some heels and head out. Its funny how a touch of vintage makes you feel quirky and classy.
Both these outfits were styled around two main items from the JDWiliams site both of which they sent me to review and I just love them! Delivery was quick, the styles and sizing are perfect and the quality is spot on. So why not head over and see if you can revamp your wardrobe? 

Symprove - A life changer

I have a nervous stomach. The sheer thought of meeting up with someone even close friends is enough to make it feel gurgly and up to 6 months ago cancelling my plans and rushing to the bathroom. Nice hey! I can’t honestly count the number of times I cancelled play dates or meeting up trying to make new friends because I’d get shy and I knew my tummy would play up at the last minute. I ended up going to my doctor at the time after putting up with for 5 years having been earlier fobbed off with oh its nerves, its pregnancy, its being a new mum. Only have the doctor tell me Its IBS and there’s nothing you can do, maybe stop being stressed. Helpful. Then about a year ago I had the most excruciating stomach pains and have had a operation a year previous to that over suspected appendicitis I started to get worried. Rip roaring pains shot across my tummy and I honestly thought I’d be in hospital by the end of the night. My husband called up the paramedics who shot round with an out of hours doctor. A lovely truly wonderful man who immediately said “it was one of the worse side effects of IBS and why wasn’t I controlling it” I could control it? He gave me about 5 different pills and instructed me that’s what I should be taking every day and if my stomach started to flare up to take Imodium. Great! Problem solved. Only of course it wasn’t. Imodium causes me severe constipation and trapped wind. Which needless to say causes more problems and back we are in a full circle. The problem also was my stomach was never 100% settled silly I know but I’d stress about not taking my tablets or missing them or what they were doing to me. Then I was offered to review Symprove. It had got to the state where quite frankly I would try anything just to get out the house and enjoy being out not worrying when crippling stomach pains hit. I know this all sounds dramatic but quite frankly it was. I would just spend my days at home playing with the boys and make trips on our own guaranteed not to cause stress, I could plan to make friends and go out in the evening as I know I’d probably have to cancel with stomach pains. My husband was fantastic I have to say and always encouraging but honestly it was soul destroying so I jumped at the chance to try something new and something natural.

Symprove sent me 3 weeks’ worth of mixture at a time try but with the understanding to only try a week first and see how I went. Now previously I was taking tablets with gluten in and a tablet to counter the effect of gluten. Symprove is natural, gluten and dairy free so it had to be better surely then 5 tablets morning and night?

My first reaction was gosh the taste! Hmm not the nicest as you’re supposed to drink it before eating or drinking anything else and it tainted my first cup of tea but I swapped to coffee and persevered.  I braved coming off all the tablets as I wasn’t too sure they actually helped and decided to do a proper test of Symprove. After all the tests done by Kings College in London are quite convincing and the best results were tackling the symptoms I suffered from.  By the end of the first week I had noticed a difference. By the end of three months I was up and out and making friends. It was an incredibly difference. I’m (excuse the toilet language) regular now with no extra horrible symptoms and while I still occasionally get a nervous stomach its NOTHING at all to what it was. It’s given me a social life back and I have to say I tested this when I was at my most stressed (the summer before my youngest started school)
Symprove is a 12 week program (although I have kept it up slightly longer) and you can but a one week bottle (just to see if it suits you) or you can buy 4 or 8 week’s worth at a time. It might seem expensive but when you’re paying for 5 different prescriptions’ every month it looks incredibly cheap!  Now with using a lowfod map diet and having Symprove in the cupboard for stressful time or just in case I basically have my life back. I have four coffee mornings this week with all being held at my place. Something which a year ago could not have been contemplated without a stomach cramp!