Win £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers to spend in the new year sales, courtesy of Harvey Water Softeners

Harvey Water Softeners is offering the opportunity for one lucky Bakes, Books and My Boys reader to receive £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers to spend online or in-store.

Harvey Water Softeners is a family-run business based in Surrey that manufactures and installs the UK’s best water softeners. Founded by Harvey Bowden in 1978, the company’s patented twin-cylinder water softeners remove the minerals from hard water in areas that cause limescale and scum to build up inside kettles, washing machines and other appliances inside the home.

The benefits of soft water include less need to clean sinks and shower screens, more bubbly, soapy baths and showers and extending the life of household appliances and boilers. Owners of water softeners even report it helping chronic skin conditions such as eczema and making hair healthier and shinier. Visit for more details.

To win leave a comment below answering the question: How much money would you save a year with a Harvey Water Softener? if you need a hint check it out here
 Competition finishes 31st December UK Residents only. Please leave a contact email.

Dream Christmas - #Dreamingofboux

The gorgeous Boux Avenue asked me recently what would be my dream Christmas. Have you seen their latest advert? Check it out below if not, it’s full of the gorgeous beautiful best of Boux I think. But back to my dream Christmas…

Well I have to say having watched numerous Christmas movies it would have to be set in a large stone or log cabin on a snowy mountainside, within sleigh ride reach of a local village for carol singing. My whole family would have to be there as Christmas wouldnt be right with my parents and grandma and dogs. I’d love to have new snuggly warm pyjamas (hint hint) to start the day for everyone as nothing beats early morning cuddles with the boys while they fumble in their stockings still half asleep. Warm cinnamon rolls and coffee followed by a sleigh ride to morning carols and then a good hour of sledging and snow fun while the turkey and trimmings magically cook themselves!  

An afternoon spent unwrapping presents and playing games and then tucked up in a fluffy dressing gown while watching Christmas movies. How about you? What’s your idea of a dream Christmas? Of course just in case my other half is reading this – any of the gorgeous outfits in the video below would be perfect too! Arent they beautiful? I do love Boux!