Review: Kid-Eco Rocket Ship

We recently received the cardboard rocket playhouse from the fabulous Kid-Eco. Kid-Eco produce an amazing range of cardboard playhouses made from recycled corrugated cardboard. The have fabulous designs from furniture to paperpod cars to aeroplanes to castles & rockets and doll houses.

We choose a white rocket (the come in other colours) so the boys could decorate it. As soon as it had arrived (flat pack with instructions) my worries that the cardboard would be thin and flimsy disappeared. This is incredibly good quality corrugated board. It has survived a birthday party and being chucked into the playroom very quickly.

The rocket was very easy to put together. We managed it in 5 minutes start to finish with the boys helping (hindering!) and they were both in it in time for tea. Despite being given the dimesnions on the site I was hugely impressed by the sheer size of it. Both boys fitted inside the rocket with room to eat tea and have a pillow ready to blast off to the moon.

The rocket as stated is of a great quality and I was very impressed that the holes and cut outs were clean and also had no sharp edges! It has two doors for entry and exit and was also incredibly light inside with the cut outs.

The boys have adored this and love playing with this. We have had it outside in dry weather and it has been it most rooms of the house. It folds flat for easy storage and is a bargain for a toy priced at £28.99 It has so much play value it superb! 

Guest Post: Energy Efficient Doors

Back in January I introduced you to how you can bring the outdoors in with Bifold doors. Not only do they make a funky, stylish and useful addition to homes they are also energy efficient. Read the guest post to find out more!

How Thermally Efficient are Bifold Doors?

As well as giving your home a much-needed makeover, bifold doors unlock a number of practical advantages also. The bifold system’s thermal efficiency ensures that you can boost your home’s energy credentials and lower your gas bills all year round.

Here we explore just how thermally efficient bifold doors are so you can look forward to an energy efficient alternative to the traditional patio door.

Why go energy efficient?

When it comes to buying everything, from appliances to windows and doors, we’ve learnt that it certainly pays to go energy efficient. The same principle applies when choosing the perfect bifold door system for your home.

During the cooler months in particular, homeowners everywhere can reap the rewards of opting for energy efficient products. These products enable your property to retain more heat so that less energy is used and less money is spent making your home warm and cosy.

How do energy efficient bi fold doors work?

Using an advanced system of thermal breaks and weather tight seals, bifold doors ensure that any heat generated within your home remains in your property. Heat lost after all costs you money! Combine this with the latest innovations in locking mechanisms, and your bifold doors can provide a weather resistant defence against all the elements.
It’s not just during the autumn and winter months where you will feel the effects of your energy efficient bifold system. During warmer weather, bifold doors keep the inside of your home cool so you can take soaring temperatures in your stride.

How much energy can I save by installing bi-fold doors?

Every bifolding system comes with its own energy rating, generally from C to A, and taking note of this when making your selection is important. Depending on the energy rating you opt for, you could make energy savings of up to 27% according to Eco Bi fold Doors.