Cool gift ideas

What do you get the man who has everything? My father’s birthday is coming up and it creates the problem of presents yearly. He hasn’t got a hobby as such and has a huge dislike of football which seems to be the gist of most presents for men! My husband and both our boys have a dislike of football so you can imagine that with birthdays followed by Christmas coming up I’m searching everywhere!  

Someone recently reminded me though that over at Hawkins Bazaar do some great gadgets for men. One which stood out to me is the Immense Virtual Reality Headset. If you haven’t seen it before look it up! You do need a smartphone to use it and to downloads some app’s but judging by the reviews I’ve heard its pretty much worth it since it retails at only £30!

Whereas my husband whose been reading this post over my shoulder is rather fascinated with the Star Wars Darth Vader Look A Lite. It does look pretty fun I have to say. It can be plugged into your computer via  microUSB. I suspect if he gets one though the kids will at the very least demand the Storm Troopers ones for themselves! I suspect if I got either of these though for my dad my mum might have some pretty strong words with me!

Back to the drawing board for me for my dad at least. I think I might have managed to find some early Christmas presents for once for the rest of the men in my  life! 

Colour in your garden with Sutton Seeds

Beautiful isnt it?

Just before we headed on holiday we had a lovely delivery of plants from Sutton seeds. Ordering plants or seeds online always seems to be a little bit of a risky business.  You can never be 100% sure of the quality of plants and you have to base it all on the description given and the name of the company. And of course what about how these delicate plants will make it being taken along in the post?

So well packaged!
Even the tall plants werent damaged!

Well Sutton Seeds are a fabulous family name. I can remember looking through my grandpas seed packets 30 years and seeing the name Suttons on most of the packets. They are just as strong a family name as they were back then so I waited in anticipation to see how they did with plants not seeds…
I decided to go the whole way and decided to choose the Lucky Dip of mixed perennial plants. The lucky dip entitles you to an amazing range of plants which have all been overwintered and established good roots. At a cost of £14.99 you are receiving nearly £100 worth of plants! And of course being perennials they will offer you colour year after year. You received 12 plants which are supplied in pots and are chosen at random. Perfect for a new garden but if you have a detailed planned garden it might be worth going for one of their other great offers.
They arrived healthy and damp soiled.
They arrived very quickly and I was glad to see very well protected in their box. Each pot had been thoroughly soaked before being sent off and had a plastic bag around the base to ensure they stayed moist on their trip.  The plants we received were a delightful range and some I had never heard of. I can’t wait to see what they look like next year. We received a gorgeous grass to plant in one of our shady spots and another evergreen plant which promises to add a touch of light and colour in a shady spot too. The plants were all well rooted and after a good soak were planted out. A week later they still hadn’t been eaten by slugs! I cannot decide which is my favourite and they filled up our new bed a treat. We received a real range of heights and sun or shady spot plants, there is definitely something for everyone in the pack!
Wonderful selection and all well labeled

Just look at those roots! 
My husband did call up Suttons as we were unsure how to treat one of the plants and they were incredibly helpful and polite on the phone. I especially loved the fact the one of the plants was in flower and that they were all so well established and ready to go! A real ten out of ten here from all of us and I’m in the process of buying another lucky dip! 

Style over comfort?

I’m writing this from a decking in the sunshine watching a very glamourous young lady about to head off for a walk in the woods in the most incredibly high and in practical heels! I adore shoes and their styles but holding style over comfort? Hmm I’m not one of those. I adore gorgeous stunning shoes which are totally impractical for the school run but as long as there are comfy I will still end up with them in my closet. Shoetique who produced the fun infographic below have got the most fabulous selection of boots I’m already eyeing up for the autumn!