Thoughts from on board - Cruising the seas!

Yesterday we boarded to set sail on the world’s third largest cruise ship – The Anthem of The Seas with Royal Caribbean. My first thoughts were quite frankly that anything that big shouldn’t float! I have read up on it, watched the youtube videos but I am still in amazement! She is large, beautiful and just amazing!
I’ve been incredibly nervous coming up to this day. It’s a wonderful thing to go on a cruise but….I’m a worrier! Would they be able to come with my allergy’s, would the kids be ok, would I get sea sick, nervous, claustrophobia, would I be able to cope with being on board with all those people, would the kids be bored? Would there be enough for them to do? Would it be safe? Would I be underdressed or overdressed? You can imagine what I’m like to travel with!

Some of these questions were answered in advance. Royal Caribbean have in fact over whelmed me with their customer service pretrip and on board. Any queries I had such as food allergies were answered seriously, kindly and effectively. We’ve been given a cabin with a balcony (of the 2090 rooms 1571 have balconys + an extra 12 studios with balconys) and the rooms are large and airy. Anthem of the Seas being a Royal Caribbean quantum class ships has the largest staterooms in their fleet. If you don’t have a balcony and most of the rooms do you have a virtual balcony (375 virtual balconys, the remaining 148 cabins are outside) and 34 wheelchair accessible rooms.
So while I investigate more of the ship during the rest of the weekend here’s out top facts and info we’ve found out so far!
1)      Food! Every Allergy & Taste is catered for!
With over 23 restaurants and cafes all of which that I have found cater for allergies you have world cuisines at your fingertips. We’ve been trying to test as many as possible and haven’t as yet found a favourite. Harrys though by far was the American Grill this morning that tempted his poor appetite with French toast fingers and maple syrup!

      2)      You don’t need to spend a penny.
Once you’ve been your travel and it is worth taking into account their food and drink special offers you pretty much do not have to spend another penny. When you think the average price of a family of four on a day out is now over £100 by the time you include food and drinks cruising becomes a pretty good deal. We have so far been swimming (4 pools), seen circus skills been taught, roller skating, teenage lounge and parties, 3 shows, Rip cord flying, the North Star, adventure children play areas, the library, the xbox lounge, the arcades, the casino, the football tables, the rock climbing, outdoor movie theatre, the royal theatre and of course the spa oh and not forgetting the surf rider. You can spend every day exploring and doing something new without the need to keep buying tickets. Amazing when you include the fact that you will also be visiting different ports, towns and countries! (more on our favourites in the next post!)

3)      Hygiene
From the second of boarding I have been in awe. Aside from the fact that you aren’t allowed to visit a restaurant without cleaning your hands before you eat there are numerous places to stop and wash. The public toilets ask you to use a paper towel to open the door and the staff are constantly cleaning in the backgrounds. It’s lovely.

4)      Safety
Cleanliness aside the safety too is one of the things I have adored since being on ship. My main worry was the children either becoming lost or getting out somewhere dangerous without me. Our balcony doors cannot be undone by them without me or husband first unclipping the door. The furniture is too heavy for them to pull up to the balcony if by chance they got out. We all also have to wear wristbands which when scanned have our photos pop up. You may not collect or head off with a child who isn’t yours regardless!

5)      The Entertainment!
The shows on board are something else. Shows from the west end are featured, live music is to be enjoyed throughout and there are shows and talks covering all topics and interests. There is something to keep every person regardless of age or interest on board from getting bored.

This is just a snippet of what has so far happened on board and I’ll be posting a couple more posts when I get back if this hasn’t been enough to wet your appetite (a different island, country, city every time – who wouldn’t love it) and sign up! Personally despite my comment to my husband that I wouldn’t be a cruiser we’re planning on coming back on board as soon as we possibly can!

Disclosure: We have been incredibly lucky to have experienced this cruise on Anthem of the Seas as a guest and member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel. Although we have been a guest I have full control and content and opinions are entirely my own.

Review: Peli Pouch Bath Tidy

Recently we were sent the rather fun and fabulous PeliPlay Pouch Bath Tidy by Kit for Kids (rrp £14.50)  It’s an amazing kit where the children pop their baths toys in the pelis mouth and then drain out and then you can twiddle the head round so you don’t have their toys in your bath. The fit is fairly good as its adjustable for the size of your bath the only problem we have is our baths are very curved and we couldn’t always get it to grip firmly. It would be great if they could add a little bit of a rubber seal to grip I have to say. That being said on my parent’s bath is fitted perfectly and it does state in the instructions that this is a safety feature for quick removing if needed.  

The net is easy to take in and out to wash and keep sanitary as required. It pops in the washing machine which is perfect for busy mums. No need to soak in bleach! It is also slightly larger looking that it does in the fair photo so it does take a fair amount of toys! The boys loving popping the beak open and stuffing him full which saves me hunting round in bubbles at the end of the bath for little toys all over the place.

All in all it’s a fabulous toy that holds a great deal of others toys to stop decluttering and mould occurring. 4 out of 5 stars from us.