Get summer ready legs!

Every year I’m jealous of the women out there with gorgeous legs. You know the ones. The second there is a bit of sunshine out comes their legs, brown and toned as though they’ve been living on a tropical island. I’m lucky enough to be very tall and have quite long legs but at the start of the summer ugh They’ll be wrapped up in linen trousers!

I’ve never like getting my pale skin out and I dread that time of year. I think I might be the only person I know to go abroad and come back as pale. I just don’t tan! So what can you do about it? Well you can still have gorgeous summer legs…

 Step 1,

Start at the beginning. A good scrub ploughs away a great deal of skin and get them ready to glow by getting rid of those dead skin cells!

Step 2,

Smooth and hair free. I’m not a lover of waxing (very low pain threshold) and of course shaving damages your skin. The last thing you want when after glowing, silky legs. So Veet cream is a must have. They recently sent me their new Natural Inspirations sensitive cream which was superb. I tend to do it in the bath and come out with smooth legs.

Step 3,

Moisturise! A must! Especially round extra dry places like your knees and ankles. Pop on an unscented one after using the veet and wait 24hrs (you have to any how after using the veet) and moisture again either the morning of or the evening before.

Step 4,

Tanning. A little goes a long way. And do do do do get a mitt. I’ve been doing this since I was a teen when it was nigh on impossible to avoid the streaks. The fabulous little mitts you get these days are a god send. Squeeze on (about 50p for an arm/leg) and wipe on. Don’t go in lines but circular movements as you’re less likely to miss anywhere this way. And I would suggest getting one with a bronze already in the cream as you can see if you have missed anywhere. The back of the mitts is a great place to wipe off your ankles or knees if you get any excess.

Step 5,

Don’t forget the toe nails! Vibrant, bright varnish is the way to go. I’d wait though until you’re 100% dry before tackling your toes as if like me you twist yourself round to do it you don’t want odd stripes up your body where the tan has smudged!

Voila! Shove on your skirt or shorts and head out with your head held high! 

Kids - Plant your own bulbs!

This weekend we spent an awful lot of it surrounded by flowers. We visited the Hampton Court Flower show which the boys adored and they couldn’t wait to get started in the garden. We were recently sent some gorgeous bulbs from Spalding Bulb so we decided today to get in and plant the bulbs that will give us some later flowers blooms.

One of my youngest favourite flowers were the Gladioli’s he saw on display and he’s desperate from us to have some. Thankfully we have a packet of mixed gladioli bulbs. Normally to be planted in spring after the last of the frost we were assured by a specialist that it was worth giving it a go for some late summer beauties.  He managed to read us out the instructions from the front and informed us they needed to be 8cm apart and 8 cm deep in the soil. To protect them later on in the year we decided to play them in pots.

We dug up some well composted soil from the veg patch and he helped us break down all the lumps in the soil till it was fine. We measured with our eyes and he very carefully placed the bulbs 8cm apart.
He had a fabulous time figuring it all out and counting the centimetres up to 8 each times. Once we had carefully figured this out we chucked some more soil on top. Another 8cms you’ll be glad to know and firmly pushed down the soil and gave it a good watering.

Bulbs are a great way to get your kids involved in gardening out in the garden. There are bulbs that you can plant throughout the year so no having to wait a couple of months and your child loosing enthusiasm. Why not get even plant a bulb in a clear jar so you can watch it every step of the way? A great way to do this is with hycathinths.
Fill up a jar with stones or glass (this is optional and purely just for style)
Set the bulb inside the forcing jar until it gets stuck in the narrow part (roots facing down)
Fill the jar with water till it just reaches the roots.
And store in a cool dark place for about a month or two. When the sprout shoots and the roots start to grow, bring it into the sunlight and change the water once a fortnight and watch your plant and flower emerge! 

Summer styling...

Summer is most definitely here and after this week’s heat wave I am in need of new outfits! My trainers and walking boots are now definitely too hot to hope with the weather as are my trusty jeans! I’ve been eyeing up some gorgeous sandals from Jones bootmakers and the most amazing dresses online!  I adore blues and loving the amount of aqua brightened by vibrant pink colours there are around this year! I’m making a visual wish list ready to hit the shops as soon as schools out…
Summer wishlist

Miss Selfridge blue jacket
£44 -

Maison Michel clothing
£500 -


Sondra Roberts pink purse
£63 -

Bling Jewelry heart earrings
£20 -

Scotch Soda bracelet
£16 -

C√ČLINE celine sunglasses
£260 -

Essie nail polish
£5.44 -

Whats your wardrobe looking like for summer? Send me some ideas!