NOTHS Storyboard app with Mumsnet

Every once in a while we get offered an app to review and you immediately fall in love with it. Today Mumsnet introduced us to the story telling app by Not On The High Street called Storytime Sounds. It’s free by the way to download from Itunes. Of course anything that look this funky had to be played with immediately and I started to fiddle and straight away the dog came and sat at me feet captivated by the sounds I was making.

The app which was launched in June originally featured 5 soundboards to add excitement to your story time telling and with Halloween just round the corner have added a 6th! The others are pirates, fairytales, lost world, monsters & space) The Pirates were our favourite as our story time this evening consisted of the fabulous “the Pirate Next Door” and this really brought it alive.
We’ve used it four times this evening with different stories at the second daddy arrived home this evening he was popped on the sofa with the wish to  hurry up and read a story “cause its really cool and we can make spooky noises”

Once you’ve downloaded the free app why not head over to NOTHS page and read their own little Halloween story which ties in with their new soundboard? It’s a fabulous tool and has provide a great deal of fun and amusement beside a desire to read “more!” It has made me chuckle lots as we’ve even used it to sound out the Famous Five! I cannot think of a single possible reason not to try this app out as you can use it not just for story telling but for creeping up on friends and rattling skeleton bones or adding a creaky door to a spooky bedtime! 

Photo reminders?

November is less than a week away and already there are advent calendars and presents at the end of every aisle in the shops! At Bell ringing we’re working on St Nicholas runs and my sister in law even sent me a message to say she was now fully wrapped and sorted for the big day! I’m wondering if perhaps I should go out and start shopping.

We do have to start a little early as half the family are in South Africa and land post moves at a snail’s pace. I rather suspect I need a calendar and diary that has all the post dates in and I should work backwards from there! Perhaps I need one of those gorgeous photo calendars from Photobox with a big picture of family every time I walk pass them? It would be a great way to spur me on to remember cards & presents!
See?! Fabulous Idea!

Have you discovered PhotoBox yet? They help you create some amazing photo products. I use their calendar every year for a Christmas presents for the In Laws. They adore seeing the boys on each page and you can edit the calendars to include a photo on the individual’s birthday. Take a look over at their site. It’s a great way to remember if like me you’re somewhat forgetful! I blame it on the fact that the boy’s social lives are busier than mine ever were!

Do you ever use photo calendars? I’ve been reviewing a different brand this week and I have to say I’ve struggled a bit with using a different brand style. But I do love photo gifts. They much such an excellent gift for friends and family who are far away and don’t see the kids as much as we like. My grandma tucks her under her arm and gaily heads off to church and teas to show her grandchildren off!