My unforgettable books

So my very lovely Sister In Law was asking recently what my top ten books are that still linger and remain unforgettable to me are. Some of these I could write down without thinking about. Some perhaps while I wouldn’t pick them up to reread regularly I can still remember and are always there lurking at the back of my brain. Of course this is just a brief glance. I haven’t written about the wonders of Harry Potter – and yes while you might not like them they are amazingly well written, or the sheer delights of delving into Enid Blyton books you might just get a quick glimpse of what makes me, me. Do let me know yours, I’m always on the lookout for new authors!

1, Laura Ingalls Wilder Books - Specifically Farmer Boy Or Little house in the Big woods. Enchanting stories of one of the first settlers across America. I cannot wait till November when the version she originally wrote and was considered too shocking to be published comes out. It includes such tails as a man so drunk then when he lit is cigar his beard went up in flames!

2, To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee Who wouldn’t love to be a parent like Atticus? I think most of you know this story.
3, Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie – The only time that Poirot lets the murderer escape and of course with good reason. A very very rare example of when an evil deed actually might just in fact be the correct one.

4, Murder on the Home Front - Molly Lefebure. Perhaps don’t read this before bed, at least don’t view the photos. To use her words “ a true Story of Morgues, Murderers and Mysteries in the Blitz”

5, Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier Just read it!

6, W.B.Yates - Is this allowed its poetry? “Had I the Heavens Embroidered Cloths..” and the rest were written on the wall in my room long before it became popular. Theres a comfort to his poetry I find and each little verse whisk ups a variety of pictures of stories.

7, The Hills is Lonely - Lillian Beckwith Recommended by doctors for the sake of her health to live a simpler like Lillian Beckwith heads to the remote Isles of Scotland and her stories capture and delights.
8, Long Walk to freedom - Nelson Mandela. My husbands South African and so I read this when we first started dating and became serious. All of this happened of course before I was really aware of politics especially in other countries but a tale of a very angry man who eventually changed a country, himself and prevented what could have been one of the worst blood sheds around.

9, Arcadia - Tom Stoppard. Not one I would pick up if I was passing the shelves but I studied this at school and to this days it still remains very strong in my brain. If this reran at the theatre I would drag along most people I know.

10, The 39 Steps - John Buchan. Told many times in the films – none of which are completely true to the book but just purely fun. Short chapters each a story on its own make up a wonderful tale of spys and politics.

4m Great Gizmos Light Up Planetarium review.

Recently we were sent the Great Gizmos Light up Planetarium to review. My boys (being fairly typical boys) adore space and the great beyond and quite frankly who doesn’t like turning the lights off and making shapes on the wall?

Priced at £12.99 and for 6+ years old it’s sold as a light up planetarium, night light and projector in one. It comes with projector baseplate, three projector legs, torch body set, a light module, two 1.5V LR44 button cell batteries, a transparent dome, film sheets, a felt tip pen and screws.

It came with instructions although I had to ask my husband for help and I don’t think my 7year old could have built it on their own as you needed three hands at one point.  We still cant though get the light to move up and down to help focus as promised but hey that might just be my building skills!

The boys loved it when it was built. Its smaller than you might expect which means some of the parts are a little fiddly to swap over (there’s changeable disk to view the southern hemisphere as well northern hemisphere) The light up projector is also used to light up the planetarium which the boys adored looking at. It doesn’t project the hemisphere out on the walls, just nicely back lights it but with these night’s drawing in it’s just fabulous to take outside and see if you can spot anything.
It’s a perfect little kit to pop in a rucksack or to have on the bookshelf. I don’t think it gives off enough light really to be classed as night light, it more glows in the corner and personally I would worry about how it gets. The same applies to the projector. You have to hold it quite close up to the wall to make it work. These grumbles though are coming from an adult point of view! The boys loved playing with it and for a space mad child it’s a perfect little gift.