Storage Hacks - What are yours?

Storage! The curse of parents the world over! At least the ones I’ve come across anyway. I’m always slightly suspicious of someone’s house if they have children and there’s no sign anywhere! Modern house seems to be somewhat lacking in handy cupboards to stuff toys away and older houses weeeelllll there’s never a cupboard big enough!

I have a tendency to take photos of friend’s storage solutions at their houses to try and adapt and use at our home. One day I’ll compile them all and actually get on it with it! I love the American’s and their pantry’s but as yet haven’t actually found a home with one I like! The kitchen Lego used for a washing up stand has made me chuckle a fair few times but somehow I can’t see it lasting in our house. The block at the centre of it will be the exact one the boys need now!!

Of course your friend might object to you taking sneak peeks next time you visit for visit for coffee so why not try out Pinterest or SafeStore have a lovely page full of storage hacks written by mums and I particularly like the cute way Little Button Diaries stores her sunglasses and hair bows. If you’re in need of storage you might as well make it fun and accessible after all! I have to say I do have envy over the stair cases which all slide out to store shoes, books and films in. Living in a bungalow it might look a little odd!

I’m personally saving up identical jam jars to glue or screw under my top cabinets in the kitchen to store all those niggling little things. String, nails, hooks, labels, even cupcake cases! Stay tuned for the post! When I win the lottery I’m hitting up Ikea with my list of Ikea hacks and my home will eventually be organised and tidy! AHAHAHA! I doubt it ever will be but it the thought that counts yes? Please tell me that not all of you have showroom homes? And of course do share your storage hacks! 

Car Camera: Review

3 years ago I had a car crash. On paper I went in to the back of him. However in reality the person I went into had been driving dangerously for the last 5 minutes and swung in front of me and slammed his brakes on! I was incredibly lucky that my insurance company believed my story over his but what if they hadn’t?! My car was a write off and I had two children in the car at the time! Worse case scenario I could have lost my no claims, my insurance would have shot up and he could have sued. If only I had had a car camera which would have proved my point! 

I was recently sent one from Car Camera Choices to review. Having recently moved out to the sticks I wondered if it would be needed in the same way as at our previous address where we were surrounded by aggressive drivers. I popped it on the other day and the camera we received was an IS200W. As you can see from the camera footage below you never know when it might just be useful! The Mercedes had been driving all over the road and swinging backwards and forwards across lanes but had he gone into me I would have had all the proof of it including his bad driving before! Perfect! They can even help reduce your car insurance and understandably so!

A none GPS camera with full HD recording. It comes with a suction bracket mount, user guide (its incredibly straightforward) cigarette lighter power lead and a 12 month warranty card. It really is a case of plug it in and go. If you need the footage (it’s on a 5hr loop recording inc time and date stamp its very simple to upload. You don’t need to download any extra software just use the cable provided and plug it into your camera. If you are unfortunately in a crash the files recorded are locked by gravity sensors!

We love it and actually I rather like having it in the car. Who knows what the drivers on the road will do next! You can get these cheaply but personally I would check out the finer details. You want one which like the IS200w will record well at night, have a good HD image record and of course will protect the ever important footage!