Washi Tape Fun - #PrairiePayItForward

Recently I was introduced to a new website – Prairie Charms. It is full of fun, gorgeous and pretty girly accessories for hair, nails, parties you name it! On top of this they are run by some very very lovely people.
One of my most favourite things is when you can work with a brand and a charity and that’s exactly what Prairie Charms and I have done here. They’ve teamed up with the Make A Wish Foundation who grant wishes to children and young people suffering from life threatening conditions. They challenged me to buy something lush from their site, 25% went to the Make A Wish Foundation. What a great way to give back to the community, and show you a creative way to use the product. Now one of my favourites on their site is their gorgeous, pretty and fun Washi Tape.
When it arrived in the great packaging (pink, sparkly and scented) I couldn’t wait to get started!


First up:

Being a company which is designed to make you feel and look good I have to go for something immediate and immediately chose to do my nails!
First up choose your tape and ensure you have some little nail scissors ready.
Undercoat with a layer of clear nail varnish and lay your chosen tape on top and cut to perfect size. Then seal in with a top layer of clear nail varnish. I used these for a party in the evening and they lasted all night and were much admired! Simple way to update your look!

Notice Board


I wanted a bit of beauty in my house too! We have a little bit of counter top where I end up leaving scribbled notes for my husband and kids and they always walk past. So how fabulous is this?!
All I needed was a simple cheap photo frame, beautiful fun washi tape and a wipeable pen.

First up, make sure you don’t choose one with too fussy a pattern. I ended up starting again after going slightly bonkers trying to line up the patterns. Then layer it up across either light plain paper or card that fits inside the frame. The great thing about washi tape is that if you go wrong you can peel off and start again. When finished. Pop it behind the glass and start scribbling on the top!
A perfect way to grab the boys attention!

Party Wear


Just a quick one but we had friends round before the party and I wanted to jazz up our glasses so popped a quick bit of tape round to make them fun!
Perfect and easy to peel off before chucking in the dishwasher!

What do you do with your Washi Tape? 

Win a car camera of your very own!

Did you read my post about the car camera and how fabulous they are? Well just to let you know the company I mentioned are currently hosting a simple giveaway for you to win an identical one. Just head over to their website here  http://www.carcamerachoices.co.uk 

click share and fill in your email address. 
Simple! Enjoy and good luck!