Dickies RedHawk Boiler Suit - Review

At our new house we have an awful lot of DIY & Gardening work. Did I ever mention the house is a constant 5 year project? Needless to say it means that we and the boys getting incredibly dirty every weekend and despite the washing machine being on constantly some clothes just never look the same again.

And of course even when it isn’t the weekend the boys go to a school which runs Forest Schools. A day every week spent outside regardless of weather or mud conditions all year round. Don’t get me wrong they adore it and its just fabulous but watching them coming out of class after they’ve been hunting in the mud pit…well its make me wonder if there’s any mud left in it!

So when Dickies offered Jack a redhawk junior boiler suit to muck gloriously around in I had to accept. They’re perfect for everything little boys do from scouts, outdoor messing about down to go cart racing. I’m slightly surprised we haven’t bothered getting one before as it saves so much time in changing him and hunting out play clothes. I did make the mistake though of ordering the next size up as he’s very prone to growth spurts and on arrival I discovered they’re very generous with their sizing. In fact from a good point of you this does allow you to wear plenty underneath and just pop it over. Perfect for autumn and winter work!

It’s a beautiful bright red so he stands out for miles around and as I’ve said is incredibly roomy which allowed him to climb trees and run around without feeling constricted. They wash easily and still feel soft without stiffness. In fact all their specifications are just perfect for being out and about in them.

*         Full back elastication.
*         Action back.
*         Tunnel waistband.
*         Two large back pockets, one zipped.
*         Rule pocket on right leg.
*         Two swing pockets with side access.
*         Pencil pocket on left sleeve.
*         Two zipped chest pockets.
*         Two way metal zip front with studded over placket.

They are a perfect miniature of his grandparent’s boiler suits and I see many happy days spent rolling about in the garage or garden in them. They are of an excellent quality too so am prepared to be they also last for my youngest too! At £18.50 you can order from a range of sizes and two colours and also get your logo or their embroidered on them. A 5 stars from us. Just double check the size before your order!

Extending the Summer.

Beautiful South Africa
At this time of year it hard to ignore the winding down signs that summer is at a close and autumn and winter beckon. The days are getting a little shorter and the suns not so warm and strong. We notice it here greatly. My husband suffers badly from SAD and in the past, when we weren’t tied down to school holidays, we use to book up a sunshiny trip for a couple of weeks after Christmas. In fact February half term is the perfect time to book such a trip. The after mass and joy of Christmas have flown (and lets all hope for no floods this year) and yet there’s still a month and half of cold before spring really hits!

Stunning Lanzarote
We’ve got our holiday booked for the October break to eke out the last bit of the sunshine this year before winter and the gloom hits. But just where to go? Well we use to head back home to South Africa but that’s incredibly in practical and expensive just for a week. Why not hop on some flights to Lanzarote? My sister in laws family does this for the February half term and the children have a fabulous time and they know that even after Christmas has been there’s still something fun to look forward to. Of course if you can’t wait till February and it does indeed seem a long way away at the moment why not catch the last of summer sunshine in a fab Spanish island? And, if like us you have to work around school time tables, why not head over for the October half term break? Extend summer that month or two longer! In fact Lanzarote has temperatures up to almost the eighties in October (It was once recorded in the nighties in October) with the sea being lows 70’s. Personally that’s warmer than our local swimming pool and to me a perfect excuse to dose yourself up with some Vitamin D

What do you do to get yourself through the colder days of autumn and winter? Do you head off for some sunshine and if so where do you go?