Mini B Beanbags

We were sent this gorgeous bean bag to write up about and pop in our Christmas gift guide this year but personally I think it deserves a post to itself. They’re called Mini B Bean bags and I’m not to sure why the Mini as both my husband and I have found them a perfect size. It is compact – it nestles down by the side of the sofa. They are also incredibly tough and long lasting. Not only can they be used outdoors as well as indoors (we already have ours lined up for the balcony come bonfire night) but they’re easy to wipe down. They have a fabulous air hole at the top on either side which is where the long lasting bit comes in. They’re incredibly strong material and they’re very well made. I came in to the lounge to see the boys taking it in turns to climb on the back of the sofa and launch themselves at the chair. Expecting a big bang when they landed on the MiniB I was amazed to see it didn’t and just took all the jumping and grief my boys gave it. The stitching has held, the fabric has held and hasn’t stretched and it looks as new as it did a month ago.

The only problem we have is there’s only one. Because of the shape of the MiniB beanbag it is perfect for lounging half on the floor and half on the bean bag or just to snuggle into in the evening while watching a film with a blanket over, the boys fight over it. It’s a mad dash to see who gets there first!

Overall why they might not seem the most exciting present at first to look at ours was an instant success, has provided hours of fun and cuddles and its very high quality. I think a must for any lounge, playroom or bedroom! 

JD Williams - Review

According to Grazia, Vogue and LFW one of the leading trends for Spring/Summer 2015 is the 70’s. Vintage is on its way back in. Perhaps not the worse of “vintage” but the fun colours and femine shapes are hitting us big time. With Chanel offering up a modern twists on the psychedelic prints with offering it to us in watercolour shades.

1970's style

But where do you start without digging out your parent’s old wardrobe from the loft? Well JD Williams is an amazing place to start. I headed over and chose to try out a gorgeous Joe Browns 1970’s style tunic. While very much following the 70’s fashion trend it has a fabulous modern twist and details and looks amazing either with some shorts and sandals or in the twist this autumn has taken with some jeans and boots.  I’m over the moon tunics are back. Far more flattering for anyone over a size 8 then a waist length top (which as well if you’re tall on top of curvy is not the best look) it offers a lovely elegant shape and makes your legs look endless.


But of course if you’re heading out for a night out or just a fun evening why not show off your curves? The 1950’s large skirts and more fitted tops are incredibly flattering and everywhere at the moment. Release your inner vintage and team up with some heels and head out. Its funny how a touch of vintage makes you feel quirky and classy.
Both these outfits were styled around two main items from the JDWiliams site both of which they sent me to review and I just love them! Delivery was quick, the styles and sizing are perfect and the quality is spot on. So why not head over and see if you can revamp your wardrobe?