Respecting the Pasta & Review

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Recently I agreed to be part of a blogger challenge with the fabulous Restaurant chain ASK Italian. They want to start re-educating people about pasta, how to cook it properly and to show people that its more than a back up meal. That it can be exciting, it can be creative and also a part of a fun night!

Observe the ingredients. Honour the bite. Respect the pasta.

So over the next two months keep your eyes tuned every fortnight for the way that we’re “respecting the pasta” First up was a chance to review their restaurants. Now my regular readers know that I’m gluten intolerant and might very well think pasta and nongluten don’t mix. Well I have to say it’s a stable part of my diet. Fair enough I have to make it nongluten pasta but one of challenges to make pasta from the basics. I will be making a gluten pasta and a non gluten pasta! Any how to the ASK Italian restaurant review – Can I review Italian? Well with ASK Italian I can, they offer to make anything on their menu with their gluten free pizza bases or their gluten free pasta as certified by the Coeliac society and guidelines. Rather fabulous no? It means that me, my husband and the boys can go to a regular restaurant and not have to worry about each dish. With this in mind we decided to book up at our local one for Mothering Sunday. That morning though you could almost guarantee it but 21 days after my youngest went down with chicken pox my eldest woke up covered! I didn’t quite think the restaurant other guests would approve so we called them up to cancel…They were incredibly nice and offered to place us outside if we liked but we decided to take  them up on their second solution and have a takeaway instead.

We started off with garlic bread and I went for my favourite Italian starter – Insalata Caprese. Salad with buffalo mozzarella, Santos tomatoes and rocket salad. Their version was just divine! As you might be able to guess from the photo, it really did taste as good as it looked. The boys had garlic bread and scoffed it down in minutes!

We were a bit unsure about buying pasta as a takeaway so we went for the pizzas. The boys had a standard margarita (they weren’t feeling adventurous!) and my husband and I struggled to choose but went for one their POLLO PICCANTE CON PANCETTA.  Lovely pizzas covered in a good side amount of topping! They tasted fabulous. My gluten free base was crispy and non-soggy (a common mistake) and was just perfect. I made my husband do a taste test between mine and his and he couldn’t really tell the difference either.  It was a fabulous meal, we sat up at the top of our local national trust here with beautiful views, cold drinks and hot pizzas. The best bit of it all is that ASK Italian are such good value we only used half the card they had given us. So tonight we’re off to actually eat out at the restaurant and to try their pasta! I’ll try and take more photos readers and ensure we all have something different tonight! The restaurant were incredibly lovely when we told them the problems about eating in the restaurant and tried to come up with as many solution as possible which was lovely,  they didn’t know we were on the way to review it either so I suspect they are just a fabulous family brand!
UPDATE: Last  night on the way to see family we stopped off at ASK Lincoln and couldn’t have asked for a better meal. We all respected the pasta and had a variety of pasta dishes (mine of course being gluten free) and were allowed to sit outside with Daisy our dog. The food was excellent, cooked to perfection and served quickly. 5 Stars as a family restaurant who have a way with pasta! 

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  1. The food looks great, and having gluten free options is fabulous. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I love ASK Italian not been for a while but last time I had a calzone it was amazing. Great review #TriedTested

  3. I haven't been to Ask but keep meaning to go. It looks great actually, me and hubby are big fans of Italian food and haven't long come back from Rome
    The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

  4. Iv'e never been before but will remember it next time we want to eat out. It all looks yummy x #TriedTested

  5. I love Ask, one of my fave restaurant chains. This all looks divine.


  6. Never been to Ask. Will be now though, pasta is one of my all time faves

    I've come over as part of #triedtested and would love you to pop on over to to say hi too!