Cassie Brown Airbrusher Review

Thursday, February 06, 2014

We make A LOT of cakes in this house hold and I tune in regularly to Americas Duff Goldman programme Ace of Cakes. After the first time of watching this I started lusting after am airbrusher and needless to say the more I watched the more I wanted! Thankfully they have become increasingly more affordable so hobby bakers can now afford their own.

The leading brand for this is Cassie Browns Airbrushing kit which I’m reviewing here.
The kit which retails at about £100 comes with a classic user-friendly gravity feed airbrush with a mini compressor with three pressure settings, airbrush holder, a starter pack of 3 colours and an airbrush cleaner and a free DVD “a beginners guide to airbrush cakes” is also included.

As to the technical details:

Airbrush Characteristics:

Gravity feed top mounted 2cc colour cup
Less air pressure required to operate
Needle/Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Constant air flow
Easy to maintain
Chrome plated - easier to clean
Technical •Internal mix (Air/Paint mix inside airbrush giving a fine dot spray pattern)
Spray pattern approx. 1.6 - 30mm

Compressor Characteristics:

3 pressure settings - low, medium, high
Very quiet in use
Max Air pressure 15psi
Power - 9w, current less than 800mA
Airbrush holder

So how did it do? Well the free DVD is fabulous I have to say. Incredibly professional and step by step instructions. Not what you normally get as a free dvd! The guide claims you can open the box and start within minutes and I have to say I agree! The steps are simple to follow and within two minutes I was spray testing.
You can use the 3 colours to make a huge range of colours which pleased me. You don’t have to start off spending money to produce a gorgeous cake. I would recommend though mixing up a large amount and topping up the bottle so you don’t run out half way through!
Its worth making a little tent around you when you start spraying as its very fine and some of its travels. I didn’t realise this until I started wondering why my bread machine looked slightly blue! It produces a lovely fine spray so no blobs and I was rather impressed how quickly it dried. You could layer up the sprays fairly quickly I thought. No hanging around waiting. It also means that if you make a mistake (Which I did first time) you can easily correct it (fabulous for my stress levels!)
I haven’t tried finer details yet but reading other reviews it allows you to produce some incredibly results! I think I might just lock myself away with it for a week! 

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