Summer through to Autumn Fashion

One of the things I love about later summer and early autumn is that you can wear your gorgeous summery dresses but jazzed up a little! You don’t have to plonk a hat on your head to cool down instead you can carry that dress all the way through the seasons by just adding accessories. Here are three of my favourite dresses to carry me through the beautiful colours of autumn and greyness that’s bound to come with November.

As ever my top three come from Fashion World - Personally I just love the variety of brands from there so it’s an easy pick!

First up and I just fell in love with this at first site is The Brakeburn Swallow Dress. I do love brakeburn and they just have great quality in their clothes and products. This gorgeous dress is a soft grey with blue swallows on and while its cotton I wore it just last week with a gorgeous plain blue cardigan and boots and to a PR meeting follow to a night out with friends. It such a perfect dress for taking you through different parts of the day!

Joe Brown is always a fabulous hit. The dress is loose on which is perfect in summer but to bring it through in to autumn style I wear it with a fabulous 1950’s wide belt and it just changes the whole look. It’s made miles easier by the fact that all you have to do is turn this dress inside out and it’s a whole different print but it’s also a great dress to keep in hand luggage or and I can’t believe I’m saying this but squashed up in the draw. With just a quick shake and off you go! And with William Morris prints lining the fashion headlines at the moment this dress couldn’t be more on tune this season.

The Midi Ruffle Wrap dress is by far my favourite. Not only does the colour just look fabulous with every season it is so much fun to play up. It looks cool and elegant with sandals and as the days get cooler coloured ankle boots, a large wrap scarf or jacket just really make this dress work for any occasion and any weather! It’s perfect to cheer up a grey rainy day!

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