Tigeropolis - Caught in The Trap

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Tigeropolis series of books are a fabulous range of books by R Dikstra aimed at children and their parents. The series is written by drawing on the authors long term involvement with conservation and his first ever sightings of tiger in the wild….


They are based around the family of vegetarian tigers who live in the foothills of the Himalayas. The series begins with the tigers who lived an idyllic life in a cave away from the world. But because the tigers were hidden the public stopped visting Tigeropolis and no visitors meant no revenue from selling park tickets. The park is set to close and a new highway to replace it! So the tigers chose to act and to act fast but being “civilised tigers” they forgot how to act wild!

Book 1: Beyond the Deep Forest – the tigers learnt to be “wild” again with the help of their friends.

Book 2: The Grand Opening – the tigers figure out how to run the park their way without the humans figuring out they aren’t in charge.

Book 3: Caught in The Trap – with the tigers now running a thriving Tigeropolis they soon discover problems…..

In Caught in The Trap the cubs Bittu & Matti are playing one day when they come across a metal trap on the ground. Poachers! The tigers need to outwit these criminals and to do so they need to join with their other animals.

The books are fabulous works of fiction appealing to children from 7-11yrs and rather surprisingly manage to keep the children engaged and enjoying the story while also teaching them some important lessons from a young age without being moralising or losing their attention. They teach the importance of wildlife conservation and endangered species, illegal poaching, looking after the world that we all inhabit whether human or animal.

We really loved along side the story the pictures! They are just lovely to look at in their cartoon style and so appealing to children. We really liked the fact that Caught In The Trap can be read as a stand along book, that being said we already have the previous two arriving in the post any day now! While perhaps my eldest wouldn’t have picked this up on his own accord at 11 years od he has come in every evening over the past month to listen to the latest chapter at bedtime and it also caused him to look up conservation and research some more on his own.

We have really enjoyed the book and wandered further on to the Tigeropolis website where we found some amazing facts about tigers – did you know they could jump 9ft? You can grab your own copies of the books from all good book stores and I highly recommend you do!!

Thank you to Natalie at Literally PR and Belle Media for my copy and introducing us to Tigeropolis – Caught In A Trap.

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