Gardenings World Puzzle

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Our latest Ravensburger jigsaw is a gorgeous Gardening World 1000 piece set. The scene just immediately makes you smile. It features a picture-perfect Spring garden with a couple hard at work in their veggie patch while their dog relaxes in the sunshine. It makes you want to go out and start planting out in your own garden.

An extra special touch with this particular set is the information leaflet full of gardening tips and planting ideas from gardening guru Pippa Greenwood. Since the puzzle is 1000 pieces it is the standard size coming in at 70cm by 50cm – perfect for our jigsaw board!
This particular jigsaw was turned out to be built as soon as it arrived and was really enjoyable to build. It was really really fun to build as a family as it was full of both hard parts and easy parts so depending on what you wee after you could find a bit of the puzzle to fit your mood.

Of course as well being Ravensburger the print is clear and the ink hasn’t run which allows for the smooth lines across the pieces so you can tell aside from Ravensburger soft click system whether the piece in the right place or not. While is what made quicker than some puzzles we’ve had it was a real enjoyment to build and play with and the extra gardening leaflet was great to be read through.

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