Eight Important Things To Do Before Bedtime

Friday, April 06, 2018

With the evenings getting lighter and brighter daily more attention needs to be paid towards getting a good night’s rest and feeling refreshed in the morning. What you do or don't do immediately before your shut-eye can have a massive effect on its quality. You don't want to awaken feeling exhausted for the coming day. Therefore, you should do your best to optimize your sleep by considering the tips below.

Ditch The Screens
Screen time before bed isn’t a good idea. Studies have shown that light from phone, tablet, and monitor screens can make falling asleep more difficult. So, try and steer clear of Facebook before bed to help you get to sleep.

Go Easy On The Alcohol
While some people swear that a nightcap helps them fall asleep, too much of the booze can ruin sleep quality. Don’t forget about the frequent night-time urination that it causes.

Read A Book
If you just put down your tablet and don’t know what to do, then consider reading a book. That doesn’t mean you can pick up your tablet again and open Kindle. Rather, find a real, paper book and have a read. Doing so can help you feel drowsy and make it easier to fall asleep.

Write Down Your Thoughts
Racing thoughts can make sleep near impossible. A good way to get these thoughts out of your head is to write them down, so consider starting a diary and adding entries before you go to bed. The writing process may help you organise your mind and can have a relaxing effect.

Avoid Tea And Caffeine
Coffee shouldn’t be consumed close to bedtime. In fact, those that are having trouble falling asleep may want to avoid it entirely after midday. The same goes for tea and other caffeinated drinks.

Watch What You Eat
Some people find that eating a heavy meal before bed can interfere with their sleep. It may be best to stick to snacks and light eating options. Try and avoid excessive amounts of sugar and fat.

Take A Warm Shower Or Bath
Hot water can make you feel sleepy so consider showing or bathing right before you go to bed. If you can, make the time for a bath rather than a shower. Anyone that has spent a decent amount of time in the tub will know how sleepy it can make them feel.

Clean Your CPAP Mask
For those that require night-time breathing support from a CPAP mask, you probably know the hassles of cleaning your device. Of course, cleaning is important so that all the gunk doesn't find its way into your airways during the night.
To help make the job easier, considering getting a CPAP cleaner. Click here to learn more about the different options.

Don’t make sacrifices when it comes to your shut-eye. By paying attention to your actions and habits pre-bedtime, you may be able to increase the quality of your rest greatly. If sleeping isn’t something that you’re the best at, then consider if these tips could benefit you.

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