How to Organise an End of Primary School Party

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I cannot believe the eldest and I are here already! Personally I'm not ready for this but he cant wait! So what better way to finish this last year of primary school full of SATS than with a party?

Whether you are actively looking forward to your child leaving primary school or are quietly dreading this period of transition, the fact is that it’s going to happen, and soon. You may be inwardly smiling at the thought that you no longer need to face the playground politics of pick-up, but when your child moves up to high school, you face a whole new set of challenges that you previously hadn’t thought of, but that is a different matter altogether! So, what can you do to mark the end of junior school?

Approach some of the other parents and carers to help you organise the event. You need a team to delegate some of the tasks to. Choose wisely though – you want doers rather than just your immediate friendship group. If you know someone who is good with money, give them the task of working out the budget and the contributions that parents and carers will need to make to fund the party. Here are things that need to be included within the budget:


Hire out a local venue to hold an after-school event for the children to celebrate the end of their final term at primary school. It’s best to choose a local venue so that the majority of the class will be able to get there without transport being an issue. A village hall or park building is preferable as the venue should ideally have an area of open space so that the children can play outside (if the weather permits) and burn off some of their energy – it will also enable you to keep the costs down too.


Provide the children with a souvenir of their time at primary school. A lovely and popular idea is to give each child a personalised hoody or printed polo shirt to remind them of their primary class, click here to see the options you have. Just remember to order their teacher one too!


There really is no need to spend a vast amount of money for activities for the children, they are generally quite good at entertaining themselves. If you have an appropriate indoor space, they can bring their scooters to play on but remember to take a Bluetooth speaker so that you can play a pre-prepared playlist. If your outdoor space and budget permits, hire a bouncy castle or see if you can hire a bubble football company to come and attend. Less expensive options include a game of rounders, manhunt or football. You can ask the school if you can borrow equipment.


Preparing food for a large number of children can be hard to get right, so keep it simple. When you send out the party information to parents and carers, ask them to provide their child’s sandwich choice from a selection of 3 fillings. You don’t have to provide a gourmet meal for 30, rather offer ham, cheese or jam. You will also have to ask about anyallergies so be mindful! Make individual sandwich bags up that are named and provide the sandwich, a snack and a piece of fruit.

The stresses and strains of the Year 6 SATS will be a distant memory, and the children will be excited and relieved that they are over. By organising an end of term party, you will be giving the children an end of term to remember.

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