5 Steps To a Healthier You in 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

If you are like most people, now that we are in February you are at that dangerous point where you are struggling with your ´get fit´ New Year´s resolution. It’s a perfectly normal situation to find yourself in, it happens to all of us. After a few weeks life kind of gets in the way and suddenly you are back munching half a packet of biscuits on the couch. Fortunately, usually, all you need is a bit of motivation to get back on track, which is why I am posting this article, today. So, read on and get back some of that motivation.

Acquire a just do it mindset

Stop worrying about the little things like what to wear when working out and having to go shopping for new workout clothes. If you have not got any gym gear, go for a walk every night or start running in your jeggings, instead.
A few weeks later when you have the cash, you can buy what you need to feel confident enough to exercise with others. If you can´t do one thing, just switch tracks and do something else. Take action, even if it is not perfect. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.
In fact, you can use buying new gym gear as a motivator. Perhaps treat yourself to something new every time you reach a specific fitness goal.

Set achievable goals

A suggestion that brings me nicely to my next point, which is to get into the habit of setting goals for yourself. Now, I am not talking about the long-term type here. It is good to have them, for example, ´next year I will run my local marathon´.
But, you also need short-term goals to get you to that point. Achieving them is a fantastic way to provide yourself with the motivation you need. They can be really simple like ´this week I am going to run for 10-minutes longer than I did last week`. Just be sure that the goals you set are achievable. If they are too much of a stretch you will find failing to meet them really zaps your confidence and de-motivates you.

Make exercise fun

Make sure that the majority of the exercises you do is fun. Most of us can grind our way through a weight´s workout for 30-minutes every week. But, putting yourself through five hours of exercise that you hate doing is just setting yourself up for failure. If you discover that you hate yoga, try Pilates instead.
Again, just take action, don´t fuss about the fact you don´t like the latest super doper fitness fad that works like magic. Nine times out of ten, it is all hype anyway, just carry on doing the classes you enjoy, but push yourself a little further in each class.

Incorporating exercise into your daily life

Incorporate exercise into your daily life, as much as possible. The cumulative effect of doing so really does make a huge difference over time. This short article shows you 12 easy ways to do this.

Eat well

Lastly, but by no means least is eating well. Your body needs fuel to be able to exercise. You will not last long eating just lettuce and hitting the gym every day.
Instead of going on a crash diet, just follow a healthy eating regime. Usually, doing this leads to some form of weight loss. If after a couple of weeks the scales read the same, find yourself a healthy diet plan to follow.

Hopefully, the above will prove helpful to you all. As you can see, they are all easy principles that you can incorporate into your life without adding to your stress levels.

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