Style your AW17 Face trends with The Bodyshop

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

This winter is all about celebrating your natural beauty but in the most gorgeous and stunning way possible. Over the past couple of years, the catwalk trend has been a focus on nude acceptance and this winter that trend is still going strong with models look almost underdone! But how can you set yourself off to look your most glamourous while still embracing the no-make up look……

The Body Shop has made this years trend easy to follow. With a nude look the main thing you need is a good base. Barely any one has a perfect complexion natural so don’t worry! 
Before I ever start on foundation a good moisturiser is essential and I mix mine up with a little Instablur to give an almost flawless start. 


Apply your foundation after a couple of minutes of giving your moisturiser and instablur time to settle in (industry experts say 15 mins but I just don’t have that time) Then if you’re anything like me this is where Instamatt comes into power. My t-zone is oily while the rest of my face is dry Instamatt is perfect to use throughout the day at keeping your skin across your t-zone like velvet. Use concealer where needed – I use a lip brush with mine to ensure the oils from my fingers don’t slide off the concealer before I’ve even started.


Dab a little of drops of glow on your fingertips next. This adds the tiniest of sheens and you can place where you would naturally highlight. Top of the cheek bones, collar bones a tiny bit above the outside of your eyes and in the very centre waken your eyes up instantly!


While the nude look to many people suggests a plain face, I add a tiny amount of colour to the cheeks to aid a healthy glow and here I channel my inner Emma Watson. Looking stunning and perfectly channelling this year’s make up trend she came out earlier this year to say her favourite product was lip & cheek stain in pomegranate by the Body Shop. It gives the most natural of glows and is perfect to carry from day to evening. Lightly dab your face with loose face powder and brush off any excess. Your base is now perfect!


Stay gentle. Black or brown mascara is fine but separate lashes well with a brush. Use natural nude and soft brown eye shadows to work your look. To change your look to evening decide whether to work on your eyes or lips. If it’s the lips leave your eyes alone and use a bright red. If you want to emphasise your eyes – use a shimmering eye shadow, dark eye liner and layer up that mascara. The result? An incredibly gorgeous but still natural effect.


Quite frankly I would leave your lips well alone. A good lip balm and buff are more than enough. However, if you decide to emphasise your lips for evening do ensure your lips are smooth, a quick brush over with a soft toothbrush will remove hard or dead skin and hear again use the instamatt over the top of your lipstick to keep it in place! 

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