Halloween at Drusillas!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Just down the road from us is one of the best parks we’ve ever been to – Drusillas! A cross between a zoo for children a play park it’s a complete day out guaranteed to thrill and exhaust your children. We visit fairly often during the year and our favourite times are when they run their events.

We have visited with the boys from when they were aged 3 up to my 10yr old now and have taken grown up cousins and friends who have adored it and sent the day there as well. There’s really something for everyone. So aside from the fabulous animal Olympic you can part take in, the amazing playground to go crazy in, the soft play to burn off even more energy if it’s wet or cold Drusillas are hosting this half term Shriek Week.

Drusillas Halloween events are always worth a visit. My eldest still talks about our visit from three years ago. He was in the maze – Edens Eyes and there was an ancient mummy on the loose and quite frankly I think it was one of the best 10 minutes he’s ever had! It’s up at school on his board as one of this top ten experiences.

Throughout the whole of the park are different Halloween events going on. In among the animals you have the discovery centre where you can meet some amazing monsters – I avoided it I have to admit as the boys with their daddy zoomed in on what in my mind were very scary spiders and insects. I personally headed to the parlour with the youngest who indulged in some spooky face painting and a gingerbread black cat! Beats creepy crawlies any day of the week.

If you need EVEN more than all of that then I suggest you head down on Wednesday 25th October! Scooby Doo the best crime solving dog around will be coming to meet all you budding detectives!

Top Tips:

Arrive early. Drusillas is lovely and large but you don’t want to queue and quite frankly you might as well spend the whole day! Theres plenty to see!

Get your kids their own free Olympic animals booklet. They love seeing what animal they weigh the same as and also how loud they can shriek!

Book in advance: They have a fabulous online price squeezer to get you the cheapest available entry to the zoo on your day of choice.  You can save up to £14 booking in advance.

Take note of the animal feeding times and plan your days activities around them.
HAVE FUN! It’s a great place to visit!

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