HD Metal - The Stunning New Craze

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Wandering recently around the RHS Hampton show, the Country Living Show and various other shows throughout a new product has been catching my attention. One of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time – HD Metal photographs. Having reviewed in the past acrylic photos and seen the growing trend for photographic gifts all of these will be blown out the water when you see the HD Metal. 

Lightweight ultra strong aluminium is coated with a special unique coating and your high gloss photo has an amazing waterproof, scratch resistant surface where the colours are so vibrant and true it’s amazing. And I don’t think my photos do the images any form of justice!

Hello Canvas offered us a chance to review our own photo on HD Metal and the result was just beautiful. Its honestly like looking through a window. The colours are true to life and so clear and vivid and I just love the high shine to the surface! We choose as you can see a picture of our boys and this was in fact taken on a bog-standard iPhone 5. Had we tried this with either the acrylic or canvas I don’t there’s any way the image could be as stunning.

It’s taken pride of place above the chimney in our kitchen and I just love knowing that it doesn’t matter if we brush past it and that’s it’s also waterproof! As you can see from the images the picture is incredibly thin – about 5mm. Its placed on a raised metal surface with a great hook you can slide around which makes the photos really pop on your wall.

Our picture is a 12inch by 16inch image which retails on Hello Canvas at £49. The website is just so simple you to use. It took less than two minutes to order! They have a superb selection aside from the HD metal online – from push pin maps and photos on wood to personalised accessories! Amazing gifts!

I’m not too sure that I can now make the leap back to canvas or standard photos! I can highly recommend 

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