Top 5 Ways to pay for your holiday

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today the schools have broken up and parents all over the UK now have 6 weeks to entertain their children. For many of us this includes a vacation. Be it a week camping in a field or for some a far-flung beach destination. However, either option is going to cause some drain on your finances. There are a variety of ways to pay for your summer vacation though:

1, Invest weekly.

We pay into a savings account each month money we have left over (haha) after the bills are paid and the mouths fed. While it doesn’t amount to a huge amount over the year – we aren’t the best of savers. It does allow us to go camping in Cornwall at a small site. The boys are at that age where playing in rock pools is more exciting than a city or a weekend at a theme park.

2, Credit Card.

So many people I know pop their holiday on their credit card. It’s does often allow you a discount in that many travel operators give you a reduction for immediate payment. Of course, the issue comes later when you need to pay back the card and sometimes the monthly payments can be far more than affordable.

3, Small Loans

While a higher APR than a CC a small loan allows you to spread the payment out over time. If you’re celebrating a large birthday or a new baby and you wish to afford a one off special holiday a small loan with an agreed monthly payment allows a much better long term prospect.

4, Sell Stuff  

Across Facebook and other social media site there are a plethora of local selling sites. What might be one man’s junk is one man’s treasure. From old lego, old trainers and clothing to unwanted gifts it’s amazing how quickly you can declutter and save up for a holiday. With the likes of ebay & gumtree is also worth looking up second hand objects for your holiday. We purchased a beautiful trailer tent for £150 like new and its given up over 7 years’ worth of holidays and weekends away.

5, Part time Job

The current working environment allows a variety of part time, short time and evenings jobs. No longer just in supermarkets but in all forms of retail, cafes, online or even cleaning. Our local cleaning company pays £11 an hour for jobs which are completed in your own time to suit you. This can fast add up to a week away in the summer holidays.

The information we provide does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances. Before signing/opening up an account/taking out a loan make sure you know what fees you might have to pay and that you can afford any loan repayment.

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