Meccano 6036477 Chevrolet Corvette Car

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I grew up in the world of Lego & Meccano and love watching my kids do the same. However, the Meccano that we have is decades old so when we were offered to review the Chevrolet Corvette Car Meccano model from Spin Master the boys in the house jumped at the chance. The Chevrolet is a 279 piece model for ages over 10 and quite frankly I think would be perfect for any adult too!

Inside the box are three bags of parts, an instruction booklet and a special Meccano screwdriver and a spanner to hold the bolts tool and a sticker sheet.

We opened all the bags as pieces from all are required immediately and got started. The instructions were easy in the booklet when you realised there are special pictures of the screws etc to line up yours against to ensure you have the correct screw – there’s nothing worse than having to undo 30 mins of work for the sake of one screw!

While the boys – 10 & 7yrs could easily tell me what to do next and pass up the pieces the difficulty occurred in getting the difficult and fiddly pieces in. I’m certain that I was about three hands short at one point. This is partly where the spanner comes into its own. Secure the bolt into the spanner and then you can angle and hold bolt where your hands can’t reach. This gets more important the further along you go in the building.

It took us a good couple of days to build as it was put down in temper when I couldn’t get a part to do what I wanted or didn’t have the time to spend 5 minutes on one screw. But the further we go in the build the more we wanted to do and the more beautiful and dramatic the car came.

As soon as the car was finished the boys couldn’t wait to play with it and daddy couldn’t wait to put it on his desk! I even watched the other day as it was steered with its pose-able steering up and down the desk.

It has survived playing with though and no parts have been needed to be screwed back on phew! All in all, our thoughts are pretty good on the Meccano. Personally, I think it’s a present more for a teenager or an adult as I suspect children might find too many parts difficult to complete. 

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