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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sew and So asked me if would like to take part in a Tilda Circus blog hop. Now I love Tilda fabric so immediately said yes! Sew & so set me a gorgeous selection of fat quarters from the new Tilda Circus range. So what else could I do but make a project I could carry around with me every day! A wallet sprang to mind as I cannot find one I love in the shops! I used the five fat quarters I was sent a 9” zip and some stiffener along with a metal clasp to create one I love.

I cut a front and inner and interfacing from a template just under an a4 size. 11.5 inches by 8.5 inches. I folded the paper in to three along the wide size to have an idea of the folds I wanted within the actual wallet. So, along the long side I marked 2.5 inches in from the edge, 4.5 inches from that line and they are my folds.

I cut out the gorgeous blue one piece which was 8.5” by 9” and the same out of the cream and small print to use as the coin purse and note section. I then cut 3 pieces which measured 8.5” by 3.5” for the cards. All the pieces were folded in half and ironed.

I laid the zip down on the folds of both the fabrics for the coin purse. Once this has been done stop there. The sides and bottom will be sewn in the sides of the 11.5x8.5 liner and outer fabric.

Move on to three credit card pieces. Mark the middle of each of these and sew down the middle. I then laid the first piece with the top 4.5” down from the top of the inner lining. I sewed along the bottom of the first one to stop the cards falling down and through. 

Then place the next one about a 1cm down and again sew along the bottom. There’s no need to sew along the sides. Lay the last one again 1cm down from the 2nd one and tuck under the bottom to leave a tidy edge. Sew along this bottom and then sew down the middle of all three from the top of the first one to the bottom one. This attaches all the card holes and you should have 6 pockets – with the sides open.

Place the coin purse at the bottom of the liner so the raw edges are along the side and bottom. Get the outside fabric – in this case the fabulous circus pink and cream fabric and place the outer fabric so that the inside and the face of the outer fabric are facing each other. Pin the edges all in place and sew along the left side, the bottom and down the right.

If you turn the fabric right way out now – through the open top you should be able to see your wallet. You should now have a coin purse, room for notes and a section for cards!
Attaching the snaps! Using the top of the inner lining follow the manufacturer’s instructions and attached the top piece. Fold the purse up to where you want it and attach the bottom snap aligning it up with the top one you just inserted (you might have to put the bottom snap through the bottom of the note section hidden by the coin purse.

Iron!!! I then ironed it all flat and tidied up the raw edge at the top with bias tape and then decided to pop some along the bottom too! And VOILA! Finished wallet!

I loved working with the Tilda fabric – it’s a superb quality and I just love the circus collection! I might have to by some of the elephant and ballerina to make a dress out of next.

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  1. Hello fellow blog hopper! Wow! This is one amazing wallet! Love it!

  2. Beautiful! Great idea to use these lovely fabrics for a wallet to see them every day!