Star Wars - Ravensburger Bundle

Monday, December 14, 2015

At the start of this month Ravensburger sent us a fabulous bundle of Star Wars goodies. Two great puzzles and a game. 

The game is Star Wars Galaxy Rebellion Game where you join the heroic Star Wars Rebels. You can choose from Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Captain Ha Solo or Wookie Chewbacca. Travel the thr expansive galaxy fighting the galactic empire. The game leads you across 6 different plants including Death Stars 2. If you use your dice results wisely you will be rewarded with victory points and the supports of the allied during the game. Of course be careful of the Sith Lords! Darth Vadar and Emperor Palpatine are there to catch you out!


The puzzles were fantastic and the boys dived straight in. Their favourite was the 200 piece. Approximately half a metre by 36c, when complete it features two images from the Force Awakens film. Aimed at 8yrs up the boys immediately opened it up and started to try and piece it together. They spent a lovely afternoon while it rained outside putting it all together and looking at the pictures. The boys loved the vibrant colours and its great quality. It is one of the perfect age fit puzzles and I have to agree. I think this would be perfect for any star wars fans around that age.


We were also sent the Star Wars The Force Awakens 1000pc. It’s an incredibly puzzle this one. Aimed at the over 12’s we put it together as a family on the kitchen table with lots of walking past and popping the odd piece in now and then. The pieces weren’t as large as the 200piece sent and so the final piece isn’t too much larger being 70cm by 50cm. Both puzzles are vibrant coloured (no muted shades) and incredibly detailed. Being Ravensburger they do of course use their laser cutting so the that image is crystal clear when made and as well both puzzles use the SoftClick technology which does stop the boys trying to put the wrong piece in the wrong set.


Both puzzles are great but I loved that the 200piece was enough that they could get on and do it together on their own. I love the fact that it held their attention for such a long time without either getting bored or upset! As always a 5 out of 5stars from Ravensburger!

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