Bakers Day Cake Review!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Now if someone asks you nicely would you like to review a cake there is of course only one response! Add in the fact that they offer gluten & wheat free cake and you’ll see me drooling over the key board as I type!
All joking aside when it comes to other people’s wheat and gluten free cake I tend to be a bit Meh to be honest. They have a tendency to be dry and well just urgh. Baker days must have someone coeliac trained on site because their cake really was rather amazing!

I was incredibly impressed it fitted through our letter box as out postman has an inclination to leaving anything that isn’t bill size behind for collection. But nope it duly arrived and landed on the door mat! Obviously since it contained cake I rushed to open it and gosh how cute was the package once opened! Rather than just a cake covered in bubble wrap Bakers day provide a very stylish tin inside, card and even a packet of love hearts (it was a valentines cake) birthday cakes have balloons!
See the air bubbles?!
My mum, my grandma and youngest are all coeliac so a knife was immediately produced to cut it up…. immediately we were impressed. While small enough to fit through the letter box the cake was fluffy! Look at the texture in the photo. Just enough icing to cover as well rather than the cheap heavy handed approach so many poor companies have. You really could taste this cake and my goodness was it good! My grandma who barely touches cake managed a good half and I think had it not been for her great grandson would have managed the other half too! It was delicious, truly delicious,  scrummy cake! A big Thank You to the folk at Baker Days who came up with that recipe!
Perfectly packed!
As to the ordering it couldn’t have been more simple. Log on to their site and there a clear list of categories on the left. A simple click and the range is there for you. Once you’ve chosen your cake design the next step is flavour and personalisation. Its step by step incredibly easy. There’s over 400 designs to choose from and 5 yummy flavours and for the extra pizazz it comes complete with little extras, cards, balloons, sweets, and a horn! I have to say these letterbox cakes are a fabulous idea.
 Aside from being scrumptious tasting and pretty darn cute on arrival what a wonderful idea if you can’t be with someone for their birthday or something important and no hanging about or having to stay in to wait for a courier! Starting from £14.99 I am so glad they sent me one of these to review! I will be sending one up to my brother (also coeliac) who has had to put up with balloons (no flowers he is male) being delivered for years and no cake!

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