Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look good enough to eat!
Being the height of summer I’ve been suffering from severe garden envy!
I spent ages this spring planting seeds only for a few to germinate soooo I’ve been looking around at alternatives for next year. Plug plants or bulbs seemed to be the only option till I spied Seed Balls. They claim to take the hard work out of gardening! I’m easily captured by that as any claim! So I investigated and fell in love with this amazing (and cheap) product!  
£4.50 contains approx. 20 hand rolled balls of seeds. The seed balls are made up of clay, compost, seeds and a dash of chilli powder! Sprinkle them where you’d like them to grow (ANY time of the year) poke them in slightly (about 10 balls per sq m) and sit back and let nature do its thing!
That’s right! They can be scattered at any time of the year. Only when there’s the right combination of rain and warmth will the seeds germinate.  Seed Ball offer a variety of mixes, butterfly, bee, forget me nots, poppies etc even bespoke.  It will then depend on the plants involved as to when they’ll grow and flower.
Fabulous hey? And to make a good thing even better they’re eco-friendly! Their packaging bags are home compostable and they are run by project MAYA so all profits (yes all!) are used to fund MAYAS activities !

Just 3 balls!

Ps they also have a fabulous top ten to help wildlife in your garden! Great tips if you’re running out of ideas for your little ones!

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  1. These look fab!

  2. Oh these would be perfect for table presents at wedding!