Country Kids: The Beach

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Its that time of the week again to join with Fiona over at Coombe Mill & her Country Kids Linky. Ours this week is the beach. We had to go down to Dorset and we couldnt not go down to the sea while we were there! It was a quick trip as this month rain showers kept threatening but it was beautiful and sunny between down pours!

The horizontal line was to see if the tide was coming in or not....

it was so we threw sand at it!

and tried to make a moat to keep it away.....

But that didnt work so we moved back up the beach....

and sent daddy to get water to add to the dry sand.....

so we could make sand castles!!!

Absolutely beautiful day!

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  1. That looks fun. I rather like the beach in the winter - you can keep more clothes on for a start!

  2. I love this too, nothing better than the feel of sand, sea and wind on your skin. Gives me a real holiday feeling at any time of the year. Thanks for joining me on Country Kids

  3. hehe of course thats mine! Actually only took 30mins not the 5 days they claimed ;) Everyone else I will get round to replying when I can figure out why the reply button isnt working......

  4. what beautiful photos I do love being beside the sea, we unfortunately live right smack bang in the midlands and so don't get to go to the beach as much as I would like x

  5. Looks like oodles of fun - we love the beach!!