A Wet Walk

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Saturday we set off to Sheffield Park ready to take lots and lots of photos for the Country kids link up with Coombe Mill. Car and picnic were packed and we finally arrived. Shot through into the gardens where the lovely lady on the entrance gave us a map to find the tree which had just been struck by lightening to get just out the doors and the heavens opened! Being made of stern stuff we decided to brave it and find the tree and found some lovely ducks on the way but the children insistant of having their hats down and standing to admire the view resulted in a very very very quick trip and a long break the cafe!

So heres the few photos we took! Cool tree though?

Admiring the view
The View! Waterfall over the edge
Desperate to chase them!
The Blasted Pine

Pine! The pink shows where the wood got struck!

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  1. What a shame you had to make a dash for it, looks like it would be a great one to do with your picnic on a dry day. Thanks for braving the weather and catching those lovely pictures to link up!

  2. oh dear, such a shame when the rain puts a dampner on things! Hope you go back when its not so wet and manage to spend longer outdoors :) x

  3. Looks like a great park and a definite for a visit on the summer and you got some great Photos