Bank Holiday Rain Day Play

Friday, August 26, 2011

With this bank holiday lining up to be raining everywhere have your plans been scuppered? We tend to go out in all weathers in this house but there are times when you’ve puddle jumped and its still before 10am! So here is a quick list in case you run out of ideas. While there are only a few listed below I have posted before on this and you should be able to find a range of stuff such as cooking, making a rain gauge etc here  Free Stuff   and here    Boredom Busters
A sandless sand pit.

Rather having find grains of sand around the house why not create the same effect with either some cheap rice or cheap oats. Chuck in a couple of jugs and saucepans and you have a sand free sandpit.

Day out at gym
A lot of gyms tend offer families one day trips/visits. Why not take advantage of that this weekend. With it being bank holiday most of the main pools etc will be packed. So why not pop along to your local gym and use their quieter one – some even have a crèche if you need 5 mins peace and quiet!

Build a fortress.
As long as you don’t mind! Ours take the cushions off the sofa, use the dining room chairs and in seconds have two forts and a cushion fight (or soft balls) going on.

Go for a wet wood ramble.
Throw on your waterproofs, chuck on your wellies and pack some soup into your flasks and head off and out. You’ll see all kind of different things and animals when the rain is pelting down (obviously if its torrential and thundering maybe skip this one!!) plus you have the added bonus of jumping in the puddles and normally the place to yourself and the hardened dog walkers. Follow the little streams of water and see where they end might discover a huge lake or a small stream.

Indoor ball games
Balloons don’t do nearly as much damage round the house as balls! Blow some up and stretch a blanket or towel between some chairs and play volleyball or hand tennis.

Theatre/X factor
Why not ask your kids to put on a talent show or a theatre. You can give them a theme and even let them loose in your wardrobes for costumes. This can keep them happy all afternoon and gives you 5 minutes to put your feet up to!
Make your own and maybe chuck some glitter in for a different effect!
No Cook Playdough Recipe
1 cup of flour
1 cup of boiling water
2 tablespoons of cream of tartar
a half cup of salt
1 tablespoon of oil

Simply mix all the ingredients together! Be careful as it can be quite hot.

Or check out this website for many more! PlayDough Recipes

(our rain walks!)

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  1. Love the playdough with glitter idea! usually use food colouring but it makes such a mess, thanks for the tips!