Ways with coffee grounds

Monday, June 06, 2011

 I’m a big big lover of coffee – I’ll wander in to the stores just for the smell! So you can imagine the grounds pile up at our house and I hate flushing them down the toilet and decided there must be another use for them. So after doing a bit of researching online and asking or pleading on twitter I’ve managed to come up with this list! Please add to it with any of your tips!

Firstly a popular one is to rub them on your hands or to pop them in a saucer to get rid of whiffs and pongs!
(If you don’t feel like rubbing your hands with them I have to say  Ayntre Soap do a special soap for this purpose! )
2, Hair rinse – If you have dark locks these will add a glorious shine and sheen with wonderful highlights.
3, Cellulite reducer. Mix 1/4 cup warm, used coffee grounds and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. While standing over an old towel or newspaper, apply the mixture to your "problem areas". Next, wrap the areas with shrink wrap and leave on for several minutes. Unwind the wrap, brush loose grounds off your skin and then shower with warm water. For best results, it is recommended to repeat this procedure twice a week. A little weird to be sure, but as high priced cellulite creams have coffee in them, it just might work.
4, Or even a Mud pack – Mix up into a paste and place on your face and be prepared for a free face lift!
5, Did you know that if your shopping for perfume, taking a bag of coffee with you to smell will refresh your nose between sniffing scents?
6, Food – well for your worms and plants! Chuck them on your compost bin or mix them into your soil or veg patch as an added nutrient to the soil.
7, On the gardening theme they repel ants –  Pour them round where you don’t want the ants or just pour them in a circle around the ant hill! - Earl Proulx's "Yankee Home Hints" recommends sprinkling coffee grounds around your garden to eliminate cutworms and ants. He also says that "to get rid of ants in the lawn, mix about 1 pound of coffee grounds in 1 quart of hot water and pour this on anthills. Red ants, which make big hills, will require a big dousing."
8, Wormerys? Mix horse manure and coffee grounds for your 'soil', just like the professionals.
9, Grow mushrooms – Apparently a great place to start growing your mushrooms and less smelly than manure!
10, Keep cats from using your garden as a kitty box by spreading used coffee grounds and orange peels throughout flower beds.
11, Have plants that have turned yellow in the winter? Revive them by feeding the pot plant a mixture of coffee grounds & sugar, and water regularly.
12, Add a little bit of water and using a cotton wall bud touch up any scratches on your wooden furniture.
13, Love a fire? Sprinkle damp coffee grounds over the ashes to keep from becoming engulfed in the plume of dust ashes create when you need to remove them.
14, Finally for your home made pirates - steep coffee grounds in water to make a 'bath' for sheets of paper. Dip them, then lay out to dry to make imitation parchment – Perfect for  treasure maps!

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  1. Ahhh very interesting!! Might try the coffee rub on my legs lol.. also useful to know about the ants - we get them every summer in droves!

  2. I tried the hair rinse last night and have to admit my hair does look remarkably more shiny but who knows!