Farmyard Tales...

Sunday, June 05, 2011

 After spending lots of time and money trying to interest my eldest in books we have finally cracked it! And after trying all the Thomas Tank Engines and Fireman Sam what captured his attention? The Farmyard Tale books by Usborne!
A gift from his grandparents after a day when he was running round the walls I took one out and settled him down next me prepared for him to jump up again in seconds and from the first page he was hooked. The books have wonderful pictures in and every time we read these books we find something different to look at. Each book starts with “This Apple Tree Farm...” and we now recognise those words on other pages of the book. The books are designed to grow with your child. Jacks quite happy to sit on his own and tell himself the story through the pictures and as he learns to read the top of each page has smaller easier to read words and still tells the story with the adults or older children reading the greater description below. I can’t recommend these wonderful books enough!  If you have any little boys or girls who are reluctant to read or calm these are a fabulous investment!

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  1. Just a quick comment on these I've just noticed the book people are selling the whole set rather cheap!