Ways with wipes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having run out of dettol wipes and discovering the cloth and antibacterial spray were not getting rid of the marks from potty training and having a visitors due any moment I grabbed for the baby wipes and within seconds had a lovely gleaming bathroom and it made me think of all the things you can use baby wipes for so having asked some friends heres a quick list......

1, Cleaning my pc desk
2, Cleaning keyboard & PC at work
3, Cleaning laptop screen
4, Cleaning inside of car
5, Cleaning toys
6, Parachutes for barbies/power rangers
7, Cleaning shoes
8, Wiping down tables etc when eating out
9, Wiping public toilet seats
10, Cleaning the chalk and white board
11, Cleaning laminate
12, Cleaning marks off laminate flooring and tiles
13, Wiping my windows and frames
14, Cleaning crayon off leather sofa
15, Cleaning ink off leather sofas
16, General cleaning leather sofa & chairs
17, Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances
18, Cleaning wooden blinds!
19, Cleaning the leather sofa
20, Dusting awkward areas like lamps etc
21, Cleaning the wall and skirting
22, Cleaning the gas fire
23, Cleaning mirrors
24, Cleaning dirty marks around door/cabinet handles
25, Cleaning high chair/floor around it
26, Dusting tv/window sills/dvd cabinet and dvds
27, Cleaning paint from edges of the walls/skirting that have caught when decorating
28, Use dried one to wipe TV, dashboard as they collect dust like nothing else
29, Use dried out(unused) ones when washing the bathroom
30, Cleaning hands
31, Cleaning faces
32, Cleaning bottoms
33, Cleaning feet
34, Cleaning necks
35, Cleaning clothes
36, Cleaning make-up off
37, Cleaning grease things off your hands, such cooking oil, suntan cream etc.
38, Refreshing faces on a hot day or long car journey
39, Cleaning spillages off clothes
40, use them on the BBQ grill
41, Cleaning off the climbing frame
42, Cleaning muck off shoes
43, Cleaning patio table & chairs
44, Cleaning runny noses
45, Cleaning off the dogs
46, Holding around the bottom of lolly sticks when its hot to stop them turning into sticky monsters
47, And of course wiping various body places!
And of course things to do with the hard plastic boxes some of them come in.....

48, Storage for anything small i.e. Buttons, seeds, rock collections, screws.....
49, Baby toys  - Feel with something like material or hair roller and you’re baby should find this lots of fun.
50, Food travel! Well we put the dog food in but sandwiches or fruit would work great and stop them being squashed.
51, Crayons, paint brushes...
52, Toy boxs for the car.
53, We use them as an alternative to the good old glass jar in fishing in the river
54, On holiday pot in book, keys etc and stop them getting soaked in the pool!
55, Storage for anything you don’t want squashed. We have Christmas angels in one box!

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  1. And theres a craft technique you can use baby wipes for too! It's called the 'baby wipe swipe' technique!! I'm a Stampin' Up! demo - if anyone wants to learn this technique and other craft techniques then you can always host a stampin up workshop/party in your home!! My email is: amyjtidd@gmail.com xxx