Quilting...the start

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So after saying at the start of this month that I was going to buy the “quilts in a weekend” book and start small I got distracted in a local lovely fabric shop (Natures Threads for any one local) and ended up splashing out on a “jelly roll” which according to the owner and my mum will mean creating the quilt will be nice and quick. Hmm that was over a week ago!

The jelly roll or noodles and strips consists of loads of strips of fabric 46” which you sew up in long lines and then chop into squares and then sew into a strangely named pattern. The main trouble comes in deciding which strip of fabric you want to place for eternity next to another. Well I’ve always been attracted to art and colours and it’s been a nightmare! I had the blues and creams and reds (ok sounds horrible I know but I promise it’s really quite lovely!) all laid out pretty quick and went to find my mum to show her. I should have sewn it up then. Having walked away and come back I decided to “tweak” a week later and I’m still tweaking! Not so quick as I had in mind.
So I’ve started at least and if you keep tuned I should have something more than pretty fabric to show you soon!

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  1. Would really like to make a quilt. One day - maybe I'll attempt it when my son starts school.