What I'm reading this month....

Thursday, March 31, 2011

At long last I’ve got this ready! Check out what everyone else is reading by clicking on the link on the right.
Right heres a sample of what I’m reading this month.....

The Last Resort,
I was a bit worried it would be just another harrowing story on Zimbabwe however Douglas Rogers tells his parents story with humour and a certain flowing charm. I picked it up as it was a case of nothing to read and thought I’d put it down after 5 mins but by the second page I was hooked! His parents run Drifters a backpacking lodge in Zim and somehow have so far managed to stay on their land and survive although they have dabbled in renting their chalets by the hour and also in growing cannabis to make ends meet. A definite must read!
Katie Fforde - Practically Perfect
A bit of light but wonderful reading for bed time.

One day i’ll get round to trying this book out....after i’ve sold the house, boys have left home
And I love love love crime stories and heres two of my favourites I read and reread....

PS do read M.M.Kaye crime books if you can get hold of them. No gore but the tension she builds means my husband banned me reading them after 5 in the afternoon incase of nightmares!

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  1. Ohhhh you have Agatha in your list, I loooove pretty much all of her books! The quilts one looks amazing too, I've made a couple of small ones before but would love to try a big one sometime :) Thank you so much for joining in! xx

  2. I love old fashioned crime like Christie & Sayers. The M.M.Kaye sound worth a read, but I'll probably have nightmares too - rarely have time to read in the day so I'll be reading in the evening.

  3. Brilliant, I love reading about what other people are reading! I might steal this idea for my own blog soon... though I have only got one book on the go right now, wouldn't be a very long post...!

    Am part of the BMB Comment Group so am going to have a proper nose around your blog now. Liking your work so far... :)

  4. like the look of the quilt book,i could do with some ideas,i've gave you a award on my blog please take a look :)http://clairejustineoxox.blogspot.com/2011/04/so-pleased-to-get-these-awardsnot-1-but.html

  5. Likewise might have to start book-blogging. Always got tonnes on the go at once, though never more than one fictinal. Reading Crystal Jigsaw's book on kindle at the moment, as well as lot's of books on children's nutrition, and a bit of Reiki and Buddhist stuff thrown in for good measure. I like a wide variety :)

    I quite like Katie Fforde too, sometimes it's nice to just kick back with an easy read. Have you ever read Janet Evanovich's Stephane Plum novels? Lighthearted crime novels but very addictive! xX

  6. Ooh never tried Janet Evanovichs, always on the look out though for new authors so will give it ago! Glad so many people like my taste in books though! :)