DogFest Surrey 2022


If like us you’ve got some great four-legged friends of the dog variety in your household then you might be interested in a festival for them! Dog Fest run these fabulous festivals across seven locations, and they are full of dedicated dog fun!

We’ve been invited to our local DogFest as Loseley Park which takes place soon – 7th & 8th May. But it look so much fun I had to share it with you before we go. Throughout the days they have some great activities to have a go at such as dog diving – I really hope we can get to try this one as I have spent for too long watching dogs on Instagram have a whale of time with this! There’s also dog agility which I know one of our dogs would really love – as long as the ball doesn’t have to be given back. Hay Bale jumping which I want to try let alone the dogs!


If you don’t feel like trying out the activities there is the chance to get the Fun Dog Show, learn some new tricks in the Dog School Arena, there’s even a puppy assault course! There will be chances to listen and meet celebrities and experts throughout the day such as Matt Baker & Lucy Heath. Check out the live stage and what’s coming up here - Whats On Surrey also looking forward to the breed meet ups. We have two crazy dogs – a retriever and a spaniel and despite both being mega crazy they are total opposites and I would love to see if this is a breed thing or a “our household” thing!


And of course, they have some of the most fabulous shops coming along for the day too. For us I can’t wait to get to Tug-E-Nuff dog gear and get some new toys or head over to DogFit ad check out their Canicross courses!


It looks to be a fabulous fun weekend and I can’t wait to see some of you there. Check out DogFest to find out more about the festivals and to prebook your tickets! 


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