Travel Bucket List

We’re rather an outdoorsy family and our holidays reflect this – mountains in summer, rivers and coast in winter etc you don’t really ever find us on the beach reading a book, most likely its looking in the rock pools or scrambling over the cliffs in exploration. But despite all of this we aren’t the dare devil sort, I have no wish whatsoever to throw myself out a plane, or bungy jump off the edge of a bridge – or really actually off anywhere! But despite that we do have a “travel bucket list” do you? Our top five:

Tall Ships

This is something that has been on my wish list for many years – since I was 17. I think the romance of the sea, the beauty of the ships and just wanting to cross the ocean all have something to do with it. The holidays are from young adults through to the retired so perhaps when the kids are older this is one that I’ll be able to cross off my list!

Okavango Safari

With my husband being south African we’ve been on safari there and driven through the Drakensburg have seen wild Zebras drinking in lakes and monkeys swing through the trees but the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the best place to see the wildlife in all their natural habitat. As the Delta floods every year all the animals come down to the river and waters to drink and its amazing to see them side by side in their natural habitat. I fell in love with the Giraffes in south Africa but I cant wait to see Elephants and lions!

Orient Express

This one that even the boys want to head on. I personally blame Agatha Christie entirely for this being on our wish list. While the original travelled from Paris to Istanbul you can now take it through the gorgeous rural French landscape and the gorgeous alpine valleys down to Budapest and well you know the glamour and luxury on board! I’ve always loved the idea of travel by train than by plane and to explore some of my favourite countryside with the wonder of the Orient Express just ticks every single box on our list!

 Paragliding in the Alps

Every year in the summer when we visit the Alps as we climb higher and higher, we are greeted in the sky with huge amount of kites and they produce a glorious display. We go as high as we can and standing at the top of the mountains you feel on top of the world I can see the urge to run down the side and just jump and feel the wind sweep you off your feet and slowly let you down. The view must be extraordinary and stunningly beautiful. The air is so clean I should imagine it feels almost magical and I can’t wait to summon up the courage one day to just leap!

Deep South America    

From seeing the history and tea plantations to taking a boat ride through the swamps of Louisanna something really appeals about exploring the southern states of America. My husband would love to be in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras festivals and boys want to see the colours change as autumn hits. I think we’d have to make more than one trip for both of those!

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