School has started and for many mums there is a battle of stress and dread facing you every morning. Not only do you have to get tired kids washed and into clothes, food down their throats and teeth brushed there is then the PE kits to pack, the books, the homework to hunt down, water bottles to be filled and of course shoes to be put on feet!

Jenni Donato, Life and Family Coach at Chance Coaching, said, “The school run might not be as tough as a supermarket tantrum, but some mornings can be pretty soul destroying. While the other parents might look Instagram ready at 9am, I can guarantee that you are not the only person pretending everything went like clockwork and that life is perfect.”

She added, “Leaving your children to go into the classroom after a rocky start to the day isn’t great and can leave you feeling upset all day. By putting plans in place approaching things in a different way can help make things run smoother and ensure that the smile you give your friends at the gates is the real deal.”
Jenni has shared with us some great top tips for getting rid of the morning chaos: 
Plan, plan, plan
Sticking to a routine can make a big difference to how well your mornings. Whether you empty bags as soon as you get home, make pack lunches in advance, put out clean uniforms the night before or get older children to unload the dishwasher and set the table for breakfast, planning ahead works. What may start off as a struggle should only take a week or so to adjust to and you should make things easier.

Make it a team effort 
Sounds simple but talking about how the whole family feels about your morning routine can be helpful and enlightening. You might want everyone to come downstairs dressed but they may prefer to eat their porridge in their PJs and put on their sweatshirt after they’ve washed their face, go with it and see if it makes a difference. 

Make Time for You 
Yes, the morning is about getting everyone ready for the day ahead but remember that includes you. I work with many women who look after their families but forget about their physical and mental wellbeing and this can lead to stress and resentment. Whether you have a shower in the evening, get up early and have a cup of tea while you watch the news or add a swipe of red lipstick before you walk out of the door, if you make time for yourself, you’ll be able to deal with all the morning throws at you that little bit better. 

So, while the dog might eat the maths homework and the toothpaste will drip on jumpers, try to keep calm and remember, we are all just trying to get to school before the bell!  

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