Ravensburger Science X Fueling Future Cars

There are some toys which when they arrive through the post give me a little squeal of excitement let alone the boys and the latest arrival did just that. The ever lovely Ravensburger have created an amazing ScienceX Fueling Future Cars – 9 Amazing activities.

Aimed at age 8+ you can build your own electric Mercedes-Benz! Needless to say Daddy saw this and instantly tried to get involved! It’s incredibly easy to use and to dive in and out of with lovely (as you would expect from Ravensburger) illustrated instructions. For RRP at £32.99 on Amazon it might seem a pricy toy but I don’t think you could class this as a toy at all but as a fun experiment kit. There’s over 20 parts which makes up these experiments and it’s just a superb educational but fun way to lose a very happy hour. Even my youngest at 5 has enjoyed being assistant to his big brother. 

My eldest has learnt so much without realising it and its one of his first go to’s at the weekend. It is worth making sure you have an adult or elder child on hand as when eldest first dived in he hadn’t hooked something up correctly although you don’t need a background in electronics or cars to follow it but to us it has definitely been worth the money. I would highly recommend this for 8 to perhaps 12 year olds and it would be perfect for either boys or girls. I can’t wait to get the other kits in the set for Christmas. 

The boys have such inquisitive minds at this age and it’s so fabulous that there are products on the market like this which cover their thirst for knowledge and offer it up in such a fun way! 10 out of 10 Ravensburger and that comes direct from the boys!


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