Cash in your attic?

Do you ever find that you’ve kept clothes in the hope that one day you might decide to wear them? I have boxes full of them. Even more so now we’ve moved and I’ve discovered just what was hiding up in the loft!

None of them have sentimental meanings but they’re in a lovely condition having only been worn a little before falling pregnant and forever changing my body shaping! I know there are a couple of auction sites out there I could start people bidding on them over but there’s an awful lot of hassle (especially in a house with two er active boys) to get them photographed without lego or battleships occurring in the background.
This feel familiar!

So what to do? Well there’s a lovely site now where you can enter your clothes and get an immediate offer. And even better in the same place (if like me you like doing all your clearing out in one go) you can pop in your cds and dvds as well, straight to one address and no postage and packing. Beats waiting on a week’s worth of checking to see if anyone’s interested then having to figure out how to send 46 parcels to 46 different addresses.  Can you tell from that just exactly how much I have to go? I am talking at least a dozen boxes full or clothes and cds and dvds which aren’t going to see the light of day in this house again. That’s not an unusual amount is it? I blame the cds and dvds on my husband and the boys growing up! I can guarantee though that the money we do make will no doubt go into replenishing the stock.

How long do you keep hold of your clothes for?  And how much money to you have sitting in your attic?


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