Sea Soul Blessings

Monday, October 14, 2019

In the run up to Christmas I wanted to introduce you to some fabulous companies and products who are doing their bit for the environment and who I just love! 
First up I cant wait to introduce you to Pippa who runs Sea Soul Blessings from her home in Cornwall.

Could you tell me a little about Sea Soul Blessings?

Sea Soul Blessings are a little box of mindful sea magic - a pocket-sized set of 49 inspirational cards supported by a tiny guidebook that captures the wisdom of the sea. At their simplest, you could think of them as ‘compassionate coaching in a box’ - an easy-to-use tool that offers us daily encouragement to move through anxiety and stress and take small transformative steps forward. Used regularly, they can help us to make time for emotional reflection, shift unhelpful thought patterns, and quieten our inner critics by practicing being kinder to ourselves.

The Sea obviously influences you hugely and you're lucky enough to live in Cornwall, what about the rest of us who are land locked? Will the cards still work and calm?

Absolutely! We’ve been going for less than a year, and there are already land locked sea-lovers using Sea Soul Blessings all over the world - from the high-rises of London to the vast plains and mountains of the American West.

When we’re far from the sea, it can be even more valuable to spend a moment or two connecting to how the oceans can lift our spirits, soothe and inspire us.

Can you give us an example of an average day with you & Sea Soul Blessings?

My kids (now aged 8 and 11) will often draw themselves a card first thing if they need a moment of calm and connection in the midst of the morning chaos - the cards have prompted some really insightful conversations between us.

After my morning swim, before I start work, I’ll usually take a few moments to draw a card for myself. It’s a simply ritual that allows me to reflect on where I am, and what I want to focus on in the day ahead. Every Monday morning, I also share this process with a group of friends - we get together to support each other, drawing three cards each, and setting our intentions for the rest of the week.

During the day, I’ll also share a Sea Soul Blessing on instagram and facebook, along with a film of the sea. Our instagram account has quickly become somewhere to go when you need a moment of pause and inspiration - a deep breath, soaking up the peace of the sea - and our community now send us sea to share here from all over the globe.

What keeps you going on those down days?

I often turn back to the cards for support when I’m in a moment of doubt or struggle. Whatever challenge I’m facing, pulling a card can take me out of the situation and make me feel like I’m not alone. First, they help me to find some compassion for myself - and when I’ve softened into that, they also offer me some wise guidance about how to reframe and start afresh.

How does Sea Soul Blessing give back to the Sea?

We donate to environmental projects that work to protect and preserve the marine environment. And we share their missions with a wider audience. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the sustainability of what we create - and we’re learning more about that every day.

I know that so many of us feel worried about the environment, but often feel too confused and overwhelmed to respond. So we’re trying to make it as easy as possible to make a positive environmental difference - now you can do that simply by buying a set of Sea Soul Blessings!

There’s more to Sea Soul Blessings though then these cards? What else do you offer?

One of my favourite things to do is to use Sea Soul Blessings in response to someone’s particular needs and questions. So I offer Sea Soul Sessions, which are a one to one session online in which I choose three cards and we explore what they might mean right now, combined with some simple meditation and a self compassion exercise. I also offer Sea Soul Insights, a one card reading in response to a particular question, recorded as a short audio.

Other sea-themed treats we have include limited edition Sea Soul Cuffs, and sets of Sea Soul Blessing postcards - these are great for reminding you of a particular blessing, or for posting a little extra encouragement to a friend.

Last but not least, I compile a monthly newsletter packed full of sea magic - in fact if you sign up for that this month, I’m offering to send you a free Sea Soul Insight reading on your birthday!

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