Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The eldest was very excited about this months board game as part of luck at being one of the bloggers from Asmodee UK bloggers board game club. Having discovered the books last summer, he couldn’t wait to get started on this game during the half term week and it kept him blissfully quiet in the evenings!

 House of Danger is a Choose your own adventure game for 1-4players. You play as a detective and psychic investigator who is trying to figure out why he is having strange nightmares. Haunted by the mystery of the missing owner of Mansion in your home time you take the case on. You work on your psychic senses and skills as a detective and choice to solve the mystery. During the story you explore the mansion and all its secrets.
Starting at chapter one you read the text on the card and start the game. A goal card tells you what you need to complete during the chapter and each story card give you an extra part of the story and choice to make….

Sometimes the cards give you a challenge, there are 5 different ones but you roll the dice and if the number matches or exceeds the danger meter you succeed. There are five chapters to work on during the game and taking risks can offer higher rewards.
Aimed at 10 years + its playable from one person up to many. Eldest played this on his own a couple of times – perfecting his skills I think for playing with his friends. It takes a while to play – there are a variety of chapters and the first took just under an hour to complete. I suspect the whole game would take a week to complete if playing solo. He replayed chapter one towards the end of the week with one of his friends and said it was great fun replaying it with his friends and added extra to the game.

If you read the CYOA games when you were younger, you’ll love the nostalgia of the make up and the art work matching the books! The writing is surprisingly engaging for the reader and you do really start to get into pretty quick.
I suspect that having played this a couple of time you might want to swap it for another set but so far it hasn’t lost its shine and its encouraged my son to also hunt out some more of the books! All in all a great game to have round the house!

My person favourite for this game was that he was putting aside electronics out of choice with out being asked to play!

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