Fitness Shoes with Hotter

Monday, May 20, 2019

Fitness! As most of you know I don’t really wear any shoes other than Hotters – there’s little point, I’m on my feet all day chasing kids or walking the dogs so I might as well look after my feet and treat them well and be comfortable. Yet despite this I don’t walk fast enough for it to count as exercise so for the past year myself and friend have been doing Zumba during the week and oh my goodness is it fun! That being said it can leave your heels and legs sore as you’re constantly dancing on them up and down. Hotter though knowing of this problem sent me their rather gorgeous Rebound trainers to try out and I fell in love – so much so that they are now used for everyday as well as Zumba.

I chose a gorgeous vibrant blood orange for my style as I just love the colour and it lifts any outfit! And hopefully distracts from my total out of beat Zumba moves. You can grab yourself a pair in white or carbon black. They’re leather so mould with your foot and typical hotter shoes they are like wearing slippers and cradle each step. They have shock absorbing soles which is where it really helped my feet. I often get severe pain in my heels if I’m dancing so to wear these and not feel this was really fabulous and makes me slightly cross to think of the trainers I’ve bought which just don’t compare!

 One thing I really liked was the laces. They don’t slip! Bouncing on my feet most laces slide and loosen with activity, but these keep the same tension throughout the day. Being part of Hotter Active collection, the soles of the shoes have more cushiony I have found than my other trainers which I think helps dramatically to your feet feels during the day and activities. Also, the shoes are super lightweight with tiny air bubbles. 

So much lighter that I actually ended up going around London with them at the bottom of my rucksack without noticing. I could write none stop about Hotter shoes but quite frankly once you’ve tried them you’ll never go back!!

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