Crazy Eggz

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Everyone once in a while a board games comes up to us which leaves us more than a little stunned. The current one we were sent for our family games night left us stunned more in exhaustion of laughter than anything else. I’m not quite sure how any one manages to complete a game in seriousness….

Crazy Eggz by Asmodee is an incredibly fun active game. You become the chicken and the whole idea is have all the eggs and hide them in crazy places! You roll the dice and have to perform the action faster than anyone else in the game. Whoever is quickest wins the egg and the slowest has to lose one. However, winning the egg is not so easy after all you then have to roll the placement die and place the egg on the indicated location of the body. Don’t drop it or you might lose it! When you’ve won the most amount of eggs you have to perform a victory dance without dropping an egg – if you do its back to the game!
The game is for 2-4 players and comes in a fabulous package of an egg box – it makes storing the game great I have to say! 

The rules are really simple and lets a whole range of ages play in our house anything from a 4 year old to a 90 year old. It gets everyone up and moving and the play is really fun and gets more complicated the more eggs you win!

An extra to the game is the mystery blue egg, the rest are all orange, but the blue one is slightly heavy and therefore not so easy to manage as the others! While the rules state this game is for 7yrs plus our 4yr old tester really enjoyed the game, she struggled a little with the placement of the eggs but enjoyed herself as much as the rest! It was also great to see the teenager joining in and mucking about alongside the rest of the family!

We all really enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend it to any one looking to grab a game for a party, for fun and even for sampling in your bag and taking on holiday!
You can grab your own Crazy Eggz set here.

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