Bringing Colour to the Home

Friday, May 17, 2019

When deciding to “do up” the house last year we pulled back the horrid carpet and discovered the most gorgeous flooring beneath! Wooden floorboards are everywhere at the moment in home and we felt we struck gold. Glorious in summer to feel the smooth cold flooring underfoot and then winter came! As did the draughts down the chimney and through the air bricks in our old building. Rugs became an essential! But with boys, dogs and cats the original carpet we bought looked old and dinghy and the cats had decided to attack the wool in it one night. Not such a great look!

Land Of Rugs offered me the chance to review one of their rugs so we leapt at the chance. Having written an article 4 years ago, before the pets descended I hasten to add, we still love the idea of a colourful rug and decided to ditch the shaggy rug ideas and head for colour instead.

We both head over heels in love with the Bolero Rug Zig Zag design. It has all the colours we have in our room and incorporated them all! Also thank heavens its not got the wool in to make the cats desperate to shred it (they do have wool carpets though for those without cats like ours!) and quite frankly it was an immediate no brainer.
It was quick to arrive, and we rolled it out instantly and just fell in love with the colours all over again! Having had the rug now for about three weeks its coped with a gardening and mud weekend and being traipsed over endlessly, its coped with the dogs and cats rolling over it and the kids lying on it, playing lego on and deciding one night to eat dinner over the top and it cleans up a treat!

We chose the largest size – 5’3 by 7’6 for our large room but again it comes in different sizes depending on where you’d like it placed. We’re currently waiting to finish doing up the playroom before we another gorgeous rug in! I just love the idea of the rainbowstriped rug in there!

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