Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom

Friday, May 24, 2019

The latest style for the home and more specifically the bedroom is luxury! But don’t worry you don’t need to redecorate. The simplest way to shout out luxury and to restyle your whole room is to invest in a bedspread. They offer a clean luxury finish to the room and can easily change a cool room to a warm stylish luxury room.

There’s a huge range of styles available all of which create a different effect to the room. The beautiful florals springing up for summer offer a bright and cosy country look or you can channel a contemporary feel with strong graphic patterns in neutral shades. Often a bright throw or pillow adds a vivid twist on these.

Once you’ve decided on your look you also have the feel of bedspreads. Silk and velvet add a very sophisticated elegance. Quilted bedspreads though are of course the favourite. Thicker than the silk and velvet styles they can be stunningly glamourous and offer the whole room a touch of class and a real designer feel and element.

If you head over to  Yorkshire Linen for some of their gorgeous quilted bedspreads you can easily change your room with the seasons thanks to their economical prices. Focus on a thicker style quilted bedspread for those chilly winter months. Slightly heavier too, these are just perfect for cosying up under and wrapping round you while you sit by the fire.  And of course, they add an element of hygge to room.

In summer a lighter weight quilted bedspread in a soft silk look will bounce the light around the room and can make sleeping much easier and calmer than under a thick duvet. A beautiful rose covered cotton quilted bedspread draws summer through the window into the room. Perfect also to take outside for those long lazy summer evenings.
There’s a style of bedspread for everyone, make sure for a hint of luxury you purchase one big enough to drop down towards the floor!

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