Map of The Universe

Monday, April 29, 2019

This month we had a bit of a challenge from Ravensburger. Normally we have a 1000 piece jigsaw and we can complete it in about of week of evenings. This month however we braved a 1500 jigsaw puzzle and boy was it a toughie! So much so that even though its been a busy month we still haven’t completely finished it!

The 1500pc is the map of the universe and is just incredible really. Its amazing to see just how crowded our incredible universe is. The centre of the piece helps you discover galaxies, solar systems, stars and our amazing constellations. While we have a mild interest in these in our household we’ve learnt so much making this puzzle! I think half the reason it’s taken us so long is that we are learning at the same time and have gone out often outside to gaze up our night sky and match it to the puzzle!

The puzzle thank heavens is of high quality and as such allows you to match black with black in the right place with piece letters together. While we love the soft click technology that Ravensburger has on this particular puzzle is has helped us not to put the wrong piece in but has been little help finding the correct one! The linen print minimises the glare which is highly useful on this puzzle. The finished piece is 70 by 50cm when complete and is aimed at 12yrs up. My 8yr has enjoyed it but there’s no way he could do much of it without help.

All in all this puzzle has been amazing! Challenging, fun and a just a total mine of information! Absolutely perfect for pouring over either on your own or with a group! Good lighting though and maybe a magnifying glass and you’re set for some great evenings!

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