Dino Smashers - Series 3

Monday, April 29, 2019

In our house we have a couple of allergies which makes Easter a little of a minefield for us! All of the Easter Egg hunts locally are focussed on the end result of a big big chocolate egg filled with dairy which upsets my youngest stomachs. As such we try and avoid them. However, this year we had an amazing Easter Egg Hunt thanks to Zuru Smashers! Just how cool are these?

Both boys have always loved anything to do with dinosaurs and they are huge fans of Smashers. So when Zuru sent us a fabulous Easter package with their new Dino Smasher Eggs which not only included the eggs but also the new Smash Rex Playset they could barely went to get stuck in!

They hunted the clues around the garden with huge shouts of delights when they found an egg! Not nearly so much fun though as being able to jump in and start smashing!!! Smashers are incredible fun and are built to be Thrown & Smashed!! Then of course there’s is Smash Rex who crushes them too for you with the most amazing sound effects that had both the boys in fits of laughter!

He bends over with help and gobbles up the smasher egg. When you move him back up push the egg on his back and he makes tremendous gurgles and toilet noises and out poops a smashed egg! HE rrps at £19.99 and comes with two smashers to start on. Because he also comes with an egg rebuilder they spent ages, literally hours on this building and smashing and in fits of giggles the whole time!

The dino eggs are series 3 in the smashers series and we still build and smash our originals from series one which tells you how long lasting these are. Each egg set comes with a collectors guide sheet which lets you tick off your collection as your go and there’s even an app you can download for more extras.  We managed to collect some great rare ones!
These are such great toys starting at just £1.99 for an exclusive smasher egg, a smasher character and a collector’s guide. You can also get a three pack for £5 and 8 packs for £12 which is the one I use for treats and bonuses round the home!  There really is something for everyone’s budget with Smashers.

The dino series is by far our favourite and we are working extra hard at home to earn brownie points so we can go and collect more! We love Zuru Toys especially the Smashers and they are fabulous to have in the house for Spring & Summer! Fabulous! 

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