My Living World Bird Feeder

Friday, March 01, 2019

We’ve just finished the Great Bird Watch in January and the boys are very into encouraging wildlife in to the garden at the moment. Spring is the perfect time for this and our trees outside are full of birds hunting around. Perfect timing for being set the My Living World Window Bird Feeder to review.

The set itself is a great simple little set which takes minutes to put together. My 8-year-old managed it with a little extra help from me. The age range is 5+ but I suspect that’s more due to smaller parts for the set in case you want to wall mount it rather than window. It’s a great set for all the ranges of the family, we’ve had siblings, friends, parents, grandparents and great grand parents all watching the feeder – even some family pets! 

Once the set is put together its simple to put up where you want it. We chose the lounge window as its further away from where the cats and dogs play and gives us a great viewing over morning coffee.

The actual set doesn’t come with any bird feed, but the booklet included recommends a variety in the range many of which can be picked up at your local supermarket. The boys were really interested in reading that different foods attracted different birds.

The booklet which comes with the set is superb for telling the children and family more about what birds you’re likely to see in your garden, how to maintain the kit – they have religiously taken not on the calendar when to bring it down and wash it to ensure no spreading of disease. The booklet also as well states that it could take a little while for the birds to start using it as they need to get used to it first. It took our garden birds about four days to come and brave the seeds inside.

We love the one way mirror it includes to ensure the birds are disturbed by faces appearing on the other side of their new food, but we might have to move it to a smaller window soon as I cant imagine what they think when they see the boys, cats and dogs all with their noses pressed up against the glass to watch!
For such a simple kit the My Living World bird feeder has provided so much fun and excitement! Its really aided the boys in showing an interest in the garden birds and how we can help them.

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