Fairytale Fantasia Puzzle Review

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

To start of the new year in January Ravensburger sent me a puzzle to wile away the dark nights. My originally thought on seeing the puzzle was, ok easy enough give me a week and it’ll be done….famous last words!

Fairytale Fantasia is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and measures their standard size for this at 70cm by 50cm. The picture is full of rich colours and depicts bookshelves where the characters have come to life. From The Mad Hatter taking tea and Cinderella leaving her glass slipper behind on the steps of the palace the puzzle has some wonderful large images to help you place. It wasn’t till the puzzle though was almost finished that I began to notice all the extra details, the hidden images, the tiny smalls images which were absolutely delightful tucked and weaved in the main picture. A tiny birds nest full of eggs for example, and a soft image of a prince behind the curtain.

The puzzle itself though was I think one of the trickier Ravensburger images. The artist Aimee Stewart has an eclectic style and its this style which I think made the puzzle a little more complicated to follow. The colours were used throughout, so you couldn’t tie down certain colours to certain areas.  It’s the perfect puzzle for clearing your mind and letting everything else slide as you had to be fairly focused with this one and couldn’t just drop in and out of it as you can with some puzzles. But of course because of Ravensburger quality and special soft click technology at least you can place the pieces in the wrong place and not know about it!

While the image is not one of my favourites the puzzle provided a fabulous time building and we really got stuck into it. It was a great delight to work on this in the evening when it was so dark and kept the whole family away from electronics!

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