Lochside Cottage: Country Cottage No12

Friday, January 04, 2019

With the temperatures taking a huge drop this week what better way can you spend your time other than snuggling up by the fire and pulling out the puzzles? Well that’s what we’ve been doing as the temperature drops here.

Our recent review from Ravensburger is a very idyllic scene called the Lochside Cottage. It’s a beautiful snap shot of the peace and quiet in living the Scottish countryside. The image is beautiful and shows a little white cottage which nestles down beside a Scottish loch while in the background their gorgeous Scottish peaks offer a stunning backdrop to the cottage. In the fore ground there’s a seating area planted up by trees and heathers, hydrangeas and various spring bulbs and the garden has an abundance of wildlife visitors in red squirrels, and garden and song birds. A highland cow rests by the side of the loch. The puzzle is number 12 in the Country Cottage collection. The illustration was created by British artist Howard Robinson who is renowned worldwide for his conservation work.
This delightful image is on a 1000 piece puzzle and the amount of detail in the puzzle means that making up this picture is a great deal of fun and an even better challenge. 

The finished puzzle is 70cm by 50cm when made up and fits on most puzzle boards. Being Ravenburger the quality of the print is high and is a linen print finish which minimises glare on the image allowing you to sit and soak up the sunlight while the puzzle is completed. And of course as ever it has the great soft “click” technology which means no forcing wrong pieces in place. It RRPs for £12.99 and provides hours of fun and mental simulation.

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