5 Top Tips to start the year off with Healthy Smile

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Having just recently visited my dentist I was a little shocked when he told me good teeth care was essential for long term happy heart! The inflammation in the gums and the bacteria can eventually lead to the narrowing of arteries! So one of my new years resolution is to really work on my oral heath.

Here are some top tips to help ensure top dental care.

Your toothbrush

Of course a good toothbrush is essential and yes I do have an electric one but whether you have a good solid one or an electric one make sure that your replace the head every 3 months or sooner! Also don’t presume hard bristles will be best. They can cause damaged enamel which will make your teeth more sensitive and yellower. The stiffer bristles can also damage the gum tissue which with over brushing can result in gum recession. So choose a soft bristled tooth brush and make sure its changed regularly!


No matter how expensive your brush it takes a great deal of effort to clean every part of your tooth. To floss accurately you need to run the floss up each side of the tooth and just slightly under the gum to ensure it manages to clean effectively. Another great idea is tepee brushes which come in different sixes to reflect the different sized gaps between the teeth. Push these into the gaps right at the top of the gum between the two teeth and gentle push back and forth. This made a huge huge difference to my gums and teeth and bleeding stopped within 10 days!


When I upgraded my toothbrush, it came with a special timer. My mouth was broken into four sections left and right up and down and 30 seconds where designated for each quarter. The difference I felt after that first long brush was incredible. It was a real wow moment. Now if your brush doesn’t have a timer you can time yourself or there are quite a few free apps you can download to do this for you or make it fun for the kids!


Brush your teeth every day, twice a day! It really is the best way to get rid of plaque and to prevent any further cavities. With the added tepee brushes your teeth and gums will look different in no time!


Yes I know but if you had bleeding from any other part of your body you’d visit the doctor wouldn’t you! So visit your dentist! Do your research though and choose a good dentist, committed to high quality standards like Weybridge Dental. Make sure they are excepting new patients and head on down! Start the year right and soon the new year resolution will be good habits and a great smile!

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