Slurpee Snot Suckers!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

On every shelf in our house at the moment we seem to have some slime or putty ready to be grabbed and played it. With this is mind when the emailed titled Slurpee Snot Suckers popped in to my inbox I just knew the boys would love it! These gruesome, slimey and gooey toys will be much loved in found in stockings this Christmas!

They sent us a snotty bogey green Winter survival kit which the boys dived into as soon as it arrived! Along with some of these amazing snot suckers they included socks, lip balm, hand warmer, blanket, hat and mug – perfect for the eldest who leaves for school in the next village before sun up every morning! 4 Slurpee Snot Suckers were included each in a different colour and each with the relevant colour slime pack of 30g.

Each of the boys were in hysterics almost immediately from opening up the Slurpees and we even had to facetime Nanny to show her the delights of snot disappearing up a nose and coming back out again! I don’t think she was impressed as the boys! The slime included with each carrier was slightly runnier than the other slimes we’ve played with which of course makes it perfect for being really snotty! The actual slurpees are squeezable characters each with a big nose. They are empty inside which allows you to squeeze the snot up inside them as they inflate. If you get the timing right, you can make them fart out their nose too!

Wonderfully gross these toys have kept the boys fascinated for days. They snot sucked up all round the house and have had a great time in the bath too! They managed to freak out and have our car share kids in hysterics all the way to school and all demanding for their own! These are a great pocet money or stocking present at coming in under £5.
Available nationwide from The Entertainer, Argos, Smyths and Toymaster rrp £4.99 each

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